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October 14, 2012

Wash Day: Detangle Away, Knock Off Recipes & Babbling

I co washed my hair Friday and had my ever present roommate braid it up for me cause I was going to go with the braid out for the rest of the weekend and tomorrow.  It looked rather atrocious when I took it down on Saturday morning and it wasn't dry in every spot which was weird since it had been air drying for 15 hours at that point.  Last night I didn't bother to tie it down because I knew I'd be washing it out today.  I just covered it in my satin bonnet and went off to nappy land.  After grading my class papers for the week and watching my fantasy football team go down in flames AGAIN, I washed my hairs and tried out a new detangling process I read about on KISS and longing for length called the 3 Comb method.  It's also discussed HERE on a site called hotcombs.net.  Anyhoo, it basically just involves taking progressively smaller combs to detangle your hair in order to minimize hair loss during that process.  You've seen a few of my last hair balls which so sucked but I was just going to deal with cause what else can you do?  I reviewed all the comments about the the 3 comb method and ordered a rake and a mid range sized comb since I already have two smaller seamless combs that should work for the final stages depending on which ones I want to use.  But I also figured I'd give it a try with the combs I had here that are my cheapos but pretty reliable.

Turns out that it worked GREAT.  The larger wide tooth comb resulted in a the loss of a few strands.  The double rowed comb maybe took with it another small set of strands and my smaller seamless comb--the one that I loved so much before I found the double rowed comb lol, took nothing.  Granted I just washed on Friday so there SHOULDN'T have been a lot of hair loss but my hair can tangle in a strong breeze it feels like.  The photo below is all that I lost today.  The next test of course will be how my hair does with a longer gap between wash and a flexirod set.  However, since it took next to no time for the tangles to fall out of my hair my hair was super slick when I rolled it so that may net better results.  We'll see.

Yesterday was chapter meeting and it was much quicker than normal so I had time to run by PF Chang's and Williams-Sonoma.  I really should stay out of that store but I went in for a reason this time.  Because I have been enjoying making ice cream but get tired of the ice and salt layering process I've been considering getting a totally electric machine.  But a machine with only one bowl means one of us can have fresh ice cream and the other has to wait for 16 hours because the bowl can't be reused immediately.  This summer when I was still very enamored of the old school process I saw that WS had a Cuisinart machine with an extra bowl for 10 bucks more than the same machine at Bed Bad & Beyond with just one bowl (and you can buy it in red on the website lol).  Of course I didn't see it immediately upon walking into the store and was about to kick myself for not getting it earlier.  After one walk around the store I caught it tucked away and had to confirm the price and that they had any left.  Yep price was the same and yes they got me one.  I came home and put both bowls away to freeze for ice cream today.  Mom got a batch of black walnut and I have enough ginger snap ice cream left to not worry about that right now.  I'm using a recipe from Midwest Living for the black walnut ice cream.  I just cut it in half because we don't need that much of any kind of ice cream.

Tonight we had the typical Sunday dinner debacle.  My mother seems to have a serious aversion to cooking on Sunday but she's always hungry as heck AFTER I wash my hair and I'm not going out looking like Kizzy on Roots.  I made some steak fajitas and made myself a knock off of Sonic's Hickory Steak and Bacon flat melt.  The tortilla wasn't quite as thick and the meat wasn't seasoned the same.  The barbecue sauce and cheese seemed just fine.  I wasn't totally sold on the bacon interaction from Sonic but it works better than I think having none of the extra texture today.  If I hadn't been so annoyed I would have toasted the tortilla more but it was a chance to flex my lazy chef muscles.

And my last bit of drivel for the night.  The rest of my Burlesque nail polish came in.  I loved two more of the shades so I ordered larger bottles of those and will consider giving away the small bottles to mom or friends.  I need to touch up my digits cause I gave them a few coats on Friday while watching The Craft but good nights sleep and washing my hair is dinging the tips.  Plus I type like a banshee.  And the overactive fictional (in the sense that he has no idea I exist) football love of my life has been made an official member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.  Congrats Ray Lewis.


  1. LOL @ the Ray Lewis comment!!! What sorority are you a member of (you mentioned chapter mtg)?

    Girl I am so glad the 3Comb method worked well for you! I'll be looking forward to your comparison after your flexiset!

    1. Yeah it will have to be on Thursday cause Wednesday night I'm teaching but I'll be interested to see what happens too. I'm a Delta, I'm just glad the meetings are on Saturdays and not Friday nights like a few folks I know.