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October 20, 2012

OPI, Influenster and other random thoughts

Folks that know me know I'm about as anti-girly as one could get with few exceptions (as noted HERE and HERE, HERE and HERE too lol).  Things trigger for me in small bursts and then for a long time nada.  I told you all about my OPI Burlesque hunting and that I'd finally found all the colors I wanted in larger bottles.  There are other out of rotation ones that are cute but none that made me go yes give me now especially since the discontinued bottles tend to be crazy high.  However, in my snooping I found out that OPI was releasing 12 shades in honor of 50 Years of James Bond.  With totally appropriate James Bond-y titles the seductive shades hit my girly sweet spot.  The gold shade (Golden Eye) may be the one I use the least but you never know when you may need random golden nails.

 Photo source: http://www.beautydea.it/skyfall-opi-smalti-james-bond/

The top row are the seductive shades.  The bottom row are the dangerous shades.  Not sure how they made their distinctions.  The dangerous shades were just too dark and not girly for me.  If I'm going to doll up the nails they need to be distinctly girl.  Plus the top row includes my favorite colors reds and purples with bonus gold so I'll add to my limited color array of shiny purty nails.

For those of you that are still reading and interested in checking out Influenster.com please let me know.  I can send out five invitations from my profile page which should get you started quicker than waiting on an invite from the site--hopefully anyway.  Plus if you link accounts with friends (sort of just by having friends it seems to help) you can boost your score and hopefully qualify for boxes faster so it could be a mutually beneficial undertaking to find potential box buddies lol. 

I didn't do my hair today or leave the house actually but I did get all of my grading done and now I'm just waiting on my mentor to give met her go ahead so I can go forward with posting grades for the class.  I'm really glad I don't have 20 of them cause reading and properly giving attention to 9 papers and quizzes and other files was more time consuming than I imagined it would be today.  That could be because I didn't fall asleep until after 3 and actually stayed asleep until after 10 instead of waking up at 8 like I had nothing better to do.  I did make myself some ice cream in the middle of all of that too.  Gonna try cookies and cream with Golden Oreos instead of regular ones.  I did buy a small dessert topping bag of regular crushed Oreos in case I hate the Golden Oreo version.  I will say if you opt to make your own don't use the double stuff's.  They are great when you want a cookie.  Not easy to destroy and add to ice cream though cause the cream kept oozing on my fingers and making me hungry.  It should be nice and frozen now but if it's good I'll keep eating more than I should and if it's not I'll be sad lol.  No one wants to be sad before bed.

Okay enough babbling on my part.  I'll probably post tomorrow after I wash my hair.  I did manage to take my hair down at 1 in the morning long enough to moisturize and seal it but it was 1 in the morning so you were not getting a photo of that travesty.  See ya later.


  1. I want to join Influenster! Hook me up with an invite! :-) My email is brittonboyles at hotmail dot com

    1. It said I couldn't invite you because one was already pending. I'll try one more time but it may just be slow in heading your way from a previous request.