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October 9, 2012

Totally Playing Hookie and Class Hasn't Started Yet

I watched The Voice cause I have to, I really have to my luscious husband to be if we ever meet cause he's gorgeous and wonderful would miss me loving him through the tv.  I watched Go On cause it's hilarious.  I'm semi watching The New Normal because it's cute sometimes.  But what I'm not doing is prepping for class but I'm basically ready for that I just need to copy the slides onto a jump drive and plan my quiz which shouldn't take too long.  I sent my nieces a box and it got there MUCH sooner than expected so I'm just waiting to hear them squeal about what's in it.  I love small humans.  Oh and I must say that even though I had to make a few substitutions because I didn't have enough paprika on hand and there was something else I was missing but regardless I LOVE Joelen over at What's Cookin Chicago for her Creole Fried Chicken recipe.  I loved it, the buttermilk marinade and seasonings were fabulous.  Soaking in the buttermilk takes at least four hours so be prepared for that but oh my goodness the chicken is so delicious it's out of control. 

Oh and I got some of the Burlesque nail polish today.  The photos aren't great but you can see the colors.  I love the thumb and my ring finger, the index is cute but the orange and gold haven't grown on me yet.

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