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October 19, 2012

Mini Update

Ok so I tried the straight air dry because of the hair loss.  Right before bed I used two orange flexirods to roll my ends up a bit and protect them while I slept.  I will say I was pretty pleased with the results--that I didn't take a photo of this morning and that I have since tied up and am too lazy to take down to take a photo of lol.  My hair was a lot thicker than it would be post perm but for the most part it was straight and super duper soft.  Whenever I tilted my head and felt my hair on my shoulder it kinda felt like a super soft roller or pillow.  And surprisingly I put just enough curl in with the rollers that for the most part my hair was off my neck and even when it wasn't it felt so soft I didn't mind.  I'll try it again after a full wash and see if there's a detectable difference.  Until then, see ya ladies (and possibly gents).


  1. I've been SO bad with taking hair photos lately so I can understand. I love soft feeling hair!

    1. I was literally kind of shocked how soft it felt because it hadn't been feeling super soft in the flexi curls. Then again I could ignore it more until the curls started to fall and were hitting my neck and shoulders more. Either way it felt good so I may dry this way for a while longer, maybe add a few more flexi rods to give it some more definition.