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October 12, 2012

Co Wash Day and Leftover Pizza

I feel like total crap so the wash was last, final style was late and now I'm sitting in my bed getting ready to show you the photos I managed to take of the process.  I skipped the prepoo again cause it was spur of the moment wash again.  I ran through the conditioner lineup and deep conditioned again.  My leave ins didn't change and I did remember to seal all the yummy goodness in this time cause I forgot it last wash day.  I'm not completely loving the back middle of my hair in these photos especially before I detangle.  That area has always been slightly problematic for me but I need to do better than I have been this stretch on taking care of it.  There doesn't seem to be new breakage but it's growing slower than the rest of my hair which is annoying.  The second photo is after a t-shirt was used to dry my hair for a little while but before I did anything to it.  Last photo is after all the leave ins and detangling had been completed.  I'm trying a braid out instead of a flexi set to see if there is a different with the hair loss.  Oh I forgot that picture, I'll add it in a second.  Still more shedding than I'd like but not so much that I'm in tears.  It happens when I go more than four days without combing out my hair and giving it a wash or co wash when I'm in the flexi sets.  We'll see ow it works out.  I need to go enjoy my leftover pizza and try to figure out why my feet are acting so dang on goofy today.  Have a good night all.

Really the last photo this time hee hee


  1. I think you can try one of those growth aids.

    1. Yeah I got some Gro Aut oil but I haven't been using it consistently. I need to get on that lol.