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October 30, 2012

On the mend

Let's start with the most ironic part of the last seventy two hours.  I get a call from my doctor who I called YESTERDAY while they were open TODAY two and half hours after they closed.  No advice, just asked more about symptoms I had and said basically what I thought, it was viral and just needed to work it's way out of my system.  It seems to have as I have eaten two small things today and haven't felt like I needed to sprint back to the bathroom where I have spent SOOOOOOOOOO much time the last few days.

I have taken care of minor things but apparently mom wants more candy for the trick or treaters cause there's nothing in there she wants to steal in the mean time.  Still need to review for class and while my curls are lovely and defined I should never leave them up for 2 days on curlers.  It's hard to play with them for a while so I'm letting them fall as much as possible before tomorrow morning.  Thanks for the well wishes and I hope to be all better tomorrow morning. 


  1. Oh wow, don't know what got you but glad to hear you are feeling even just a teensy bit better!!

    1. I had a ridiculous bout of the stomach flu. It was VERY humbling and I'm glad it's out of my system lol.