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October 6, 2012

It's Still Cold Inside too

I knew there was something I was forgetting to tell you yesterday.  My teeny bopper show ended last night.  Of course it wrapped up all the loose ends and had a mostly happy ending for the most central characters and the bad guys got their comeuppance or redemption or whatever.  Telenovelas tend to not have sequels so I doubt this will continue into a new season since this was based on a telenovela.  I'm not sure where the drama would be now.  Main characters are off living their rock star dream and have fallen in love.  Their parents have also fallen in love which could be slightly creepy but they managed to not go there with it.  The managers who had a weird chemistry together are now both single and you are left to imagine what will happen there.  The pseudo criminal has been cleared of the most serious charges and is marrying his pregnant girlfriend.  His sister/cousin (if you really want to know ask and I'll explain but otherwise just go with it lol) has found a job in film also going into her dream life and is in love with a nerdy but sweet boy who also loves her.  Their parents continue to be uptight and preachy but everyone is happy there too.  The batshit crazy lady confessed to the serious crime so the pseudo criminal could marry the pregnant girlfriend.

She did do it so that helps too and she had been blackmailing the nice man that blew up in the explosion--did I fail to mention there was an explosion?  Well there was and it killed the pregnant girl's father.  Pregnant girl was slightly obsessed with money and her parental units sucked so it's good that she's getting a nice insurance payout and has the uptight parents to look after her now.  The perpetually jilted and angry/blackmailing paramour of the evil queen finally left her and is off getting a second chance as an actor and as a decent human being.  And the evil queen FINALLY listened to her slightly frazzled but well meaning mother and stopped lying about her ex/main character who is now off with his rock star in the making girlfriend.  My only issues if there would be any would be we really didn't get to see batshit crazy lady go to prison cause really blackmail and assault that leads to murder should make for a great trial PLUS she lied to police.  And we didn't get any resolution to the evil queen's assault which did happen just wasn't committed by her ex/main character guy.  The guy that did it allegedly left the country for a movie right after and no one says a peep about that before the show wraps. 

I have about half of it recorded and I'm debating deleting it since they plan in reairing them.  I loved the show and would probably buy the box set if it came out because it appealed to that girly center in my brain without doing so much that I wanted to vomit.  I guess I'll debate it.  We tend to delete things from the DVR pretty quickly and there isn't much of mine on it.  I'm a little sad I don't have a show to look forward to every night now.  I think I missed the first few days of it so I may watch those next week and go from there.  Okay enough babbling.  I need some more food cause three slices of turkey bacon isn't cutting it.

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