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December 27, 2012

And in other random news...

Okay so not sure where this is going to ramble off to so I apologize now.  The last two days it's been blistering cold and I was actually aware enough to tend to my hair.  I moisturized my hair and tucked them in to make a messy bun.  I got the idea from my blog roaming on Christmas about jingle bell hair.  I split the top and bottom into halves and pinned them up with bobby pins.  Today's was slightly less messy but required less pins too.  All in all I liked both looks even if it's more severe than I'm used to--I very rarely abandoned bangs of any kind pre hair journey.  Check out this POST if you want to see the inspiration even though my hair is still much shorter than all the bloggers featured on the post.  So of course it wasn't as big and pretty but my faux bun, messy bun, whatever got what I wanted accomplished the last few days.  Not that this will be the go to style all of winter but it's a step above from hoping the flexi rods stay off my sweater collars.

I got to talk to my sister in law and nieces a tiny bit tonight.  It was fun and I miss them all but I do enjoy talking to them.  And wonders of wonders, it all came about because mom actually did what I said for a change and called my nieces to talk to them about what the other set of grandparents got them for Christmas.  No home cooking tonight because someone got her cleaning days off but that's all good too.  The Chinese food was okay but when I wanted to grab it I started thinking about like some of the best Chinese food ever from when I was in undergrad.  Whenever me and my girls hook up in town one of our stops is there so we can reminisce and catch up and pig out.  They are the only people that get PLAIN fried rice that's delicious.

Wash day may move to Saturdays but I'm not sure yet.  Since I have the interview on the 7th I can't wash my hair on the 6th since I have to fly out.  Maybe it will just move that week, not sure yet.  Anyway I think that's it.  I'll do a longer more introspective post this weekend.  A lot has happened in the last few days.

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