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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Y'all--no more updates

Okay so I've decided instead of doing on long post at the end of the day or several small posts throughout the day you're going to get a combination lol.  As things that are interesting, sad or funny happen over the course of the day you'll hear about them here.

8:18 AM I rolled over and got out of bed.  Kinda cranky about this I would have loved to have really slept in since there are no kiddos in my house but I guess that's the trade off  for not staying up till 4AM for a change.

8:40 AM got a message from my ex about how he didn't get to sleep in cause the kids wouldn't let him and my duh meter went off.

10:30 finally quit being a lazy bum and got out of bed to get some water and my leftover sausage pizza.  Mom is awake and being nice.  Not sure how long it will last.  Love when my pizza is so spicy it clears my sinuses.  Yeah buddy.  So far, it's cold but no signs of snow.  Kinda not believing it's coming.

11:45 brother calls and I get to laugh at him and my adorable nieces as they do Christmas show and tell and play with their assortment of new toys.  The girls laughed when mom opened her lump of coal gift card.  Opened the presents from the family right after.  Satisfied and not in a rush to shop.  Still mad it's just cold and no snow.

12:20 Talked to my former stepmother, dad's last wife, which made her day apparently.  Also talked to her granddaughter who I often refer to as my oldest niece.  She's 21, engaged and has a baby.  My dad would be so cranky right now which makes me smile for some very odd reason.  Good day so far I swear.

1:40 Started heating up the oil to deep fry my turkey breast.  Got frustrated cause I can't find my needle to inject it so I stabbed it with a fork and poured marinade and some seasoned salt on the bird and let it wait to warm up.  Not sure about the potatoes now.  Suddenly not feeling them.  I may make some pasta instead.  Or some mac and cheese.

2:20 realizes now that mac and cheese is still pasta, sue me I was thinking more of the angel hair when I said that lol.  Turkey breast is in the fryer and opted for the mac and cheese. Nope no veggies, I'll do better next year but right now this is the final countdown of eat how ya wanna lol.

3:20 mom made veggies, probably won't eat them lol.  Food is all ready though so I'm gonna disappear and continue to be cranky about the snow that has hit below us already but my front yard is good and dry.

3:48 yeah no veggies but I've had my first round with dinner and it was delicious.  Mom helped herself to it as well which was a surprise but oh well.  Gonna make dessert soon and lounge around for the rest of the day.

4:20 ish my Sis in Law calls and my nieces wished me Merry Christmas again.  She was happy with her gift card and they were heading out to see her parents and open up more gifts.  Ahh to be 5 again.

5:25 my dessert went into the oven.

6:30 dessert has been out of the oven, I'm going to go slice a piece soon.  I did a quick blog crawl earlier.  Will try to update the blog list with a new blog I started following.  But if you want to know what I checked out just click on Sdestra's page on the right hand side and look at her post for day about Holiday Hair.

7:32 so still no snow and the snow that was supposed to come later this week is now out of the forecast so boo hiss sucky weather people.  The wind however is doing something ridiculous and that annoying trash can lid that flaps in the wind next door I think has either blown off or is somewhere down the street somewhere cause yeah I'm not hearing it right now.  Oh and really men suck too.  At least the ones I know that are trying to date me.  I hate corny flirting.  How about you just get to know me?  If I like you the flirting will commence.  If you do it prematurely I will just joke on you indefinitely.

8:57 watching The Preacher's Wife and noticing Whitney had long hands to me.  I really wish someone would kind of drop out of the heavens and know exactly what I am looking for in a partner and how to wash my hair without tangling it all up.  Men are making me really second guess their intelligence tonight.

10:58 no snow day for me.  It hit the bottom half of the state and left us high and cold but dry.  Work is good though so that's not a bad thing right now.  I'll take some more cupcakes to a client since he and his wife liked them.  I may wash my hair tomorrow since I don't have class tomorrow night due to the holiday break but that depends on what time clients wrap up.  Watched The Decoy Bride again.  I really need to stop with the complicated love stories no matter how cute they are.  I miss my family and friends but they made today great even from a distance.  Night all and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

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