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December 14, 2012

Today, randomness personified

The weather here has been throwing me for a loop.  Some days I'm just fine and others I wake up and can't breathe for crap.  Today was the latter.  Nothing I took helped and I ended up hoping not to sleep through my phone interview.  I didn't even though I think I didn't necessarily answer their questions as fully as I could have or I was talking fast like I normally do--which I do a LOT.  Brevity is definitely one of my strong suits.  They seemed like nice folks though, not remotely weird and no one mentioned church as an activity, so we'll see how that proceeds.  They plan to meet next week and have site interviews in early January.  You know I'll let you know if I get to go back home again.  In the middle of the non breathing fest I ran the big box of badly wrapped Christmas presents for my brother to the post office.  They aren't that far away and things tend to get there in a few days but I didn't want to risk them getting there late in the Christmas hubbub since there are presents for him, the sis in law, the adorably cute nieces and the pseudo in laws.  I say pseudo because they are always sending us stuff but they are my brother's in laws not mine.  But heck they've been around the last almost twenty years, at least 15, of my life so they may as well be family.  And after the phone interview and the still lack of solid clear breathing I got the weekly whine fest about what is in the house to cook--mind you she buys it all and never seems to figure out she'll get tired of eating the same three main dishes she buys--followed by my weekly response of what do you want then.  The mere mention of me making homemade pizza ceased all whining so that's what's for dinner.  And a salad for her but none for me cause she used up all the salad mix lol.  Oh well, food is done, I'm going to try to go see some clients tomorrow, grade some papers and start on my hair.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Oh and check the new blog I added today.  Deliciously Ludicrous is freaking funny and she's giving away a free book so that's a win too.

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