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December 24, 2012

It's Christmas Eve Everybody

So I'm done for the day and I get a day of semi peace tomorrow.  Talked to my brother and I may be able to skype with the nieces for a bit to see what they got from Santa Claus and see what lovely pictures my oldest niece has drawn on her new toy.  Depending on how mom is behaving she can open her lump of coal gift card in front of them and give me another crappy gift lol.  I took off the comment luv widget thingy.  It didn't seem to come up for everyone all the time and comments magically stopped which was odd.  Before I go one here's a Christmas goodie from youtube via Kellie at Delightfully Ludicrous.  Please watch all 3 and half minutes, it may be the thing that stops you from drinking heavily before the day is out.  Maybe not lol.

So I mentioned that I had scanned the net for pinup photographers and I bookmarked five of them to keep looking at over the course of the next six months at least.  By June I'll know if I'm really gonna pull the trigger based on how my body makeover is progressing.  One of the comments yesterday asked about them and I wanted to share them with you anyway because I'd love to hear who you think of as the best one if your eyes and why.  Or if it's like I was thinking and it's a case of their all great and maybe one of them would just be better for what I'm thinking I want shot.  So here they are in no particular order.  If someone jumps out at you let me know cause I'd love feedback and the only other person I know that would care I kind of don't want to ever share the pictures with right now lol.  I am thinking three or four different looks cause this will definitely be a present to myself.  I'd love a kitchen set up cause I do like to bake (thus the partial reason for the name of this blog), old Hollywood glam since I just love the softness of the hair and the overall look, the flirty nerdy pinup look cause I'm a flirty nerd lol, and maybe a classic military inspired or cheesecake kind of pose.  If you have any other suggestions let me know.

Vintage Pinup
Shameless Photography
Girlie Show Pinup Photography
Lone Star Pin-up Photography
Celeste Giuliano Photography

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