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December 10, 2012

Marvelous Mail Monday the Redux

Today wasn't actually a bad day save the fact that it's freaking freezing and I need to read two chapters for the class I'm teaching tomorrow with absolutely NO desire to do so.  I stayed on schedule, saw most of my clients, grabbed two more cds from the library--no illegal downloading for this girl lol, and when the mail man showed up he brought me more stuff to love.

First up a new vox box from Influenster.  I will be honest in say I was a little underwhelmed when I opened the box because I haven't had a Ferrero Rocher anything in like a month of Sundays.  I gave a sleeve to mom and then cracked open one of the remaining two.  Oh in tiny chocolatey heaven right now.  Since it's so cold out they were almost frozen and so delicious.  The box is totally cute even though my bow fell off.  Granted it would have probably fallen off with the repeated opening and closing of said box but it's a pretty box I'll probably keep after the candy has disappeared.

I also got my necklace from Shabby Apple.  The chain is a little shorter than I like to wear but I love the stone so it's a win regardless.

And I got my Despair 2013 calendars.  Hope those Mayans are wrong or that's a waste of money.

I also picked up my new glasses which is making everything really sharp and clear and now I'm kinda pissed that I didn't get some last year.  I hate that first hour or two that you have on new glasses and feel like good Lord was I really that blind before.  And for those that are maybe NOT having the best day head over to Filing Jointly..finally and please enjoy the photos and laugh your touchie off.


  1. I hate that first day or so after getting a new prescription in your glasses. My depth perception, never good at the best of times, is always completely thrown off and I spend about 48 hours bumping into things!

    1. I don't get the bumping into things but I do have the random glance up what the heck am I looking at moments for a while. It's just calming down now and I'm enjoying it. Everything is much clearer and I dig it.