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December 3, 2012

Marvelous Mail Monday & Other Stuff

I've been feeling blah for the last few days.  Maybe the month of blogging coming to an end was an emotional letdown or something but whatever it was kinda sucked the happy out of me.  I was really productive this weekend.  Got paperwork in for work on time--early even.  I worked on my statement of teaching philosophy--big fancy words for how I see myself as a teacher.  I scanned about 30K things 20K times to get it to the right file size so I could apply for two teaching jobs.  I asked people for recommendation letters instead of being a great big old chicken and everyone responded in the affirmative.  I prepped for my stats class, created a powerpoint to cover all the crap that the materials do not cover and tried to get to bed early after moisturizing and sealing my hair.  I'm still wrapping it right now.  I'll wash on Wednesday if I get home early enough which is my normal amount of time post relaxer.  I did everything I was supposed to and it felt disappointing.  I even wished my ex a happy birthday and tried to cheer him up when he was clearly feeling funky.  None of that made me feel remotely better.  Like at all.

This morning I woke up with cramping fingers and less than stellar mood lol.  But I went out to work, went to TWO different stores and got the STUPID shepherd's hooks for mom to put crappy decorations up in the yard, got lunch I wanted, got lunch she wanted and got hit with random pain and gave up for the day.  BUT I forgot in all my cranky mood funk that my box from Cupcake Provocateur would be here today.  And it was along with an envelope from CP and a package from Shabby Apple.  Who got lots of cupcakes and cute aprons?  This girl here.  Who got her first commission check and hope the rest of you keep clicking on the nice links so she can get another one?  This girl here--sho nuff.  Thanks Cynthia for great service and great products.  Who got a fabulous dress that fits great and that this time next year I want to be fitting totally different?  This girl RIGHT here.  My necklace shipped separately and I didn't want to take a picture of the dress all shlepped on the bed so I'll link copy a photo from Shabby Apple and show you what it looks like.  The dress feels so great.  It's smooth and fits great on my frame.  And I may be getting another one based on a promotion they ran last week to keep promoting the sale that ended Friday.  I did not however get the paperwork I've been asking for at least for the last month from my job but I think this is just another reminder that the things I did this weekend I have to KEEP doing otherwise I'll be stuck forever.

I won't bug you about the Voice tonight.  So far I'm loving my man Nicholas and Terry as usual.  Trying to see how everyone else does.  Photos of my goodies and the dress.


  1. Looks like you have been busy! Don't forget to rest and ENJOY the holiday.


    1. Busy is my life unfortunately and the job I'm beginning to loathe is trying to ensure I'm never able to just rest. However, I'm going to pray about it and trust that soon enough something will click.