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December 16, 2012

So Yeah It's My Birthday

And unlike last year I'm not all mopey cause my boo thang was gone.  We're not together and while I'd love to be all snuggled up, that's not in the cards right now.  Today was okay.  No major highs, no major lows, expected crappy gifts from mom, no expected good dinner out, anticipated slightly late birthday gift from brother and sister in law but that's cause I'm always late telling them what I want and heck my birthday is on a Sunday this year. 

It really hasn't been that bad of a day all in all.  Had a bit of insomnia this morning but that's to be expected.  My first birthday greeting as usual was from my brother but now I get two small people to say some version of happy birthday as well.  That was good and cute and I loved it.  Mom gave me gifts she thought I "needed" and let's just say unless we move to Fairbanks I don't need one and unless I become an old lady I definitely don't need the other.  She's quite cranky that I didn't like them but she bought them, as usual, without asking what I wanted and this year is not give me crappy gifts and expect me to like them year.  Can't wait to see what travesty is headed my way for Christmas.  Moving on lol. 

After talking to one of my lovely sorority sisters about everything under the sun and my birthday, I started on my hair.  Prepoo'd with heat, did my wash routine, deep conditioned and couldn't decide to do with my still ridiculously straight hair so I opted to just wrap it and work on bunning it with the bun starter thingy I bought not too long ago or wrapping it up with the roller thing.  We'll see on that in the morning.  I started this whole process around 3:30 by the way.  Mom saw me with the hair therapy wrap as I was going to heat it up and waited until I was almost done with the wash in the shower to knock on the door and ask about dinner plans.  Like really lady?  It's after four and you wait till you hear running water to ask about dinner out?  Suffice it to say no PF Chang's, Chili's or Applebees for the kid today.  And almost nothing else.  Another old lady pout fest ensued and I said screw it and made the tri tip steaks I bought along with 72 cupcakes.  Of course my beloved Gingersnap Crumbles and I made a batch of Amaretto Cupcakes too.  They are soooo creamy and good.  Gotta try them.  If you want them more boozy maybe add more Amaretto but I liked them as is.  I still have some of my Cupcake Provocateur goodies too and I may share another one with mom since she's super finicky about what flavors she likes. 

I did get a bunch of lovely messages, cards and new cooking software from friends and sorority sisters this weekend so really like I said it's been an okay day.  Much more good than bad despite the craptastic gifts.