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December 28, 2012

I'm Dreaming of a White 3 Days After Christmas

That snow that never materialized on my Christmas updates showed up completely out of the blue today.  Wasn't on any weather forecast until I was driving home from work.  Brief aside here, I had a great conversation with the new social worker at one of my homes that may have generated a butt load of new referrals for me and had good sessions and new focus for the clients I plan on keeping there.  All in all good work day before random snow started.  It was just doing the I'm snow but not enough to care about me thing for a while and then when I got in the house good heavy flakes started coming down.  The yard disappeared but the driveway is clear so except in areas where the moisture built up enough to freeze and turn to ice overnight it should be clear sailing the next few days with a bit of melting and refreezing because of the temperature.  That's the view from the front door that I sent to my brothers who will share it with my nieces who are just enamored of all snow fall since they live where they never see any snow ever really.  And when it does come down it's enough to see it on the grass before it melts lol.

I've been prepping my hair better and while one of my clients seemed confused by it my ends were still protected which was my goal.  I'm debating going off to another home tomorrow or doing my hair.  I'm super tired and feel emotionally spent dealing with my own stuff.  I had to write one of those "it's not you it's me letters" even though it wasn't just me it was a lot him but it was my fault for not saying things more plainly sooner.  Woo that sentence was crazy lol.  I was going to use my bun thing but it broke and I think it's too big so I may try the bun wrapping thing from the tv.  Not sure.  What suggestions do you have for protective styling based on my last hair length photo?

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