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December 20, 2012

This Week Has Been a Blur

My hair and I have been swamped.  So I mentioned last week that I had a phone interview and I may have mentioned how I wasn't sure how it went but was hopeful.  I didn't hear anything on Monday or Tuesday so I figured my overwhelming honesty and tendency to talk like I'm running a race (in this case I was trying to not have a coughing fit as I had been having all day) had taken me out of the running.  But yesterday I got a good call and I'm headed off for a site visit in January.  They are nice enough to not make people travel around Christmas or New Year's and only one presentation.  So there was that wonderful high and two nights in a row of teaching classes.  That's gonna be exhausting the two more weeks that will happen but how about the extra paychecks make that tired all worth it.  The staff like me the students love me and all that's great.  If I take the new job if offered then I may not be able to teach the last few courses I've been tentatively signed up to teach but it may be worth the trade off.  I would be there before my brother's next birthday.  I'd be back on university schedules, no more state income taxes, and the chances that my mother would leave home increase--granted she'd be broke more often than not but not my issue right now.

My hair has been lovely but not holding a curl worth a darn.  Not sure if it's because of the weather or I just didn't do the roller set on Sunday like I normally would instead opting for my wrap.  Either way, it's soft and happy looking.  Today when the weather tanked I tucked my ends up and pinned it all together.  Kept it out of the cold air and it was freaking cold lol and kept the moisture that was in there safe.  Everything was going well until the end of the day.

One of my long term clients who had been ill for a while was finally back at the center and I was all happy to see her.  I went to talk to her and she wasn't there.  My funny slightly cranky client was apparently dying.  Staff came in two seconds after I left and confirmed that.  She hadn't passed away before I left the center but it did throw me off the rest of the day.  I mean I'm working with the elderly I do expect them not to live forever but she was a real delight and I will miss her.  So hug your loved ones and enjoy the holidays.

Oh and check out the new comment feature.  If it doesn't float your boat let me know but I've seen it on a few other sites and thought it would be a nice addition.  It will only impact posts from here on.

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