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December 5, 2012

Ok so it's Wednesday (not a hair post at all lol)

I woke up sick and was trying to sleep in when my office called.  Let's just say that just made me feel worse and as all of their calls do made me go looking for work again.  I hate feeling coerced into doing anything and whenever more than one of them calls it's total we're stalling on one end and pushing on another end.  Oh and to add icing to the proverbial cake I get an email from someone else I interviewed with sent me the obligatory HR email saying they were going with someone else.  Which was totally fine cause again it wasn't the right fit but considering I interviewed over a month ago a simple hey we're not inviting you to campus email or call would have been acceptable.  I said as much when given the chance by their feedback form.  It's okay to not get the job but to not let someone know is just kinda rude to me. 

But today was going to be screwed anyway because I had to take mom to get her MRI.  No matter how long I THINK that will take it inevitably takes more time than that.  That of course was followed by I need to go here here and over here even though I don't NEED a single thing in either store but I want to buy stuff and if you don't take me I'm gonna show out in public.  And yes my mother does throw tantrums like a 5 year old.  There was another mother and daughter in the waiting room and while there were tinges of the same kind of irritation I have with my mom between the two of them--the mom seemed much more light hearted than my mom.  Now that is probably the same thing I saw about my mom--she's hilarious and sweet to everyone else cause they don't live with her.  Three hours after the appointment started I finally got to my house only to see the requested material from said office STILL not here that was allegedly mailed on Friday.  That's amazing cause I got three things from New York that were mailed on Friday on Monday and my office is in Texas--not far from here at all. 

I'm just in a funk with work.  My hair looks great even though the great American detour meant no co-wash today and based on the adjustment to my schedule, provided I don't wake up sick again, I won't be able to wash my hair until Saturday if I do everything I should.  I watched the cutest movie tonight, I love accents and awkward humans, called The Decoy Bride.  If you like the former Dr. on Dr. Who check it out.  I loved David Tennant, not so much the new guy.  He's funny looking to me.  And after I made my knock off Sonic dinner, I had one of my lovely Cupcake Provocateur cupcakes.  Oh yeah for red velvet goodness.  I'm feeling better about life but I hate feeling out of sorts in general.

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