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December 9, 2012

So again it's wash day

After a busier week and weekend than I imagined at the start of the week, I finally got to wash my hair today.  I even got to break out the Hair Therapy wrap which was lovely.  I miss how nice my head feels when I use it versus when I don't and I think the prepoo and deep condition both worked better too.  The new gel packs heat a little more slowly but the heat sinks in a little longer.  I'm being careful not to overheat them right now though too so it could be I just didn't let them warm up enough initially.  My hair is still SUPER straight.  I mean I guess it should be as I'm only two weeks post but detangling, washing, conditioning all that good stuff didn't even seem to hint at a tangle.  Lost a little hair as should be expected but not enough that it made me nervous.  I thought about just wrapping it and calling it a night but it's time for my ends to get off my collars again.  If I look presentable I'll take a photo of the outcome in the morning. 

Despite feeling like a bum I actually got most of what I wanted done today.  I washed a load of clothes, marinated a bunch of chicken, deep fried said chicken several hours later, washed my hair, graded papers and published their grades, cleaned my bathroom and got in a few games of Wii Bowling.  I haven't been doing the 100 pin lately for some reason but was doing the Mii happy dance yesterday when I broke 221 lol.  My best game today was 187.  I am a week away from my 37th birthday.  I'm looking forward to it in the sense that birthdays are better than no birthdays but no one willl be here to snuggle with, going to dinner with mom will not be fun, and there's not a lot locally that I want to do.  I can't tell you what I want to do because literally I have no idea.  But it would be nice to not be snoring alone.  Ahh well.

And I'm pretty much toast for the fantasy football league so I don't even have to worry about getting those games running next week.  Got my butt handed to me.  Everyone but Jamaal Charles was underwhelming.  But I will just take that energy and focus on the classes for that week before we start our winter break.  And I have a phone interview on Friday for a position closer to my brother.  Forgot I applied for it, I tend to assume that if I have heard nothing in two weeks people aren't interested.  Not that they want to hire me but at least some acknowledgement that they got it and are looking me over.  There are still two teaching positions that I should apply for too but I'm being a bum.  I need to finish fleshing out the life reboot I'm planning for the first of the year too.  Hoping that things go smoothly soon in all aspects of my life at the same time.  That would be nice.

Ahh well no more ramble now.  I'm feeling stuffed from the two and half pieces of chicken I ate along with my mac and cheese.  Have a good one.

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