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December 23, 2012

Wash Day & Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Howdy folks,

not sure how long this will be.  It's been a busy day sorta.  I had my normal not for any discernible reason insomnia and went to bed around 5.  I woke up at 9 and said screw that as I went back to sleep.  I screwed around for a bit after I woke up at 11 and then started in on grading papers for my two classes.  Because one of them required me to double check math it took longer than I wanted it to but all was done by 4 ish.  I had started my deep conditioning at that stage with my fantabulous Hair Therapy wrap.  But since it's Sunday and my resident suddenly lazy and indignant human refuses to cook I was off schedule with the wash because I had to cook.  Sausage pizza and spaghetti were on tap and after the sauce was heated through I went to shower and wash my hair. 

The wash went pretty easy.  Was in and out of the whole thing in around 30 minutes.  I only washed once with each shampoo but my hair is still so straight that even with my normal semi messy wash it was pretty tangle free after I put in my leave ins.  Here's a photo of that.

Not a lot of tangles and the detangling went so freaking fast I was a little shocked.  I know I'm only four weeks post but it's still never that quick.  Here's what the combs (yeah for 3 comb method) pulled out of my hair.  Doesn't seem like a whole lot and by the time I got to the third comb there was nothing.

And the post shot will be after this.  I rolled on flexi sets and then covered in my bonnet.  I was only an hour off schedule so I'm hoping I'll be good and dry but the morning.  My hair is growing way more than I thought it was and I can tell more when I comb it out while it's wet.  Well and when the previously appropriate length curls kept my hair off my shoulders and now they are toying with me now lol.  Nothing else to update really.

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