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August 29, 2012

Today was a good day

Not sure why but that made me think of Ice Cube cause that wasn't my intent when I started typing it in.  Anyhoo.  I got back out to work, had a really good set of sessions with the clients I could see.  Looked at another teaching job I may apply to at some point.  Consulting with a friend about it first.  I'm slowly getting used to my hair being on my neck and shoulders even though I'll be happy to wash it in a few days or week so that I can curl it up and keep it off the treacherous shoulder area lol.  In the mean time I did moisturize and seal it all up before I wrapped it.  And there was no awkward bump this time so that was good too.  I've been checking out everyone's blogs and so impressed that there's a good supportive community of folks all striving to take care of themselves and by default a world of others by sharing their experiences.  I also found a good set, well three or so, of thank you cards that I'm going to use for my thank you project.  And I avoided Cinnabon today since I have ice cream (the heath toffee bar mix I made this weekend) and cupcakes.  That seemed like it would indulging too freaking much.  Still looking forward to the phone interview tomorrow and chatting with someone else after that to see what can be done here if I really can't find a way out.  Either way, I'm feeling positive about it right now and I am going to hold onto that for right now.  I need to moisturize my hair and seal it up for bed.  See ya later.


  1. Lol!! I thought about Ice Cube too before I even read the first line. Yes, I love the support on blogger. Glad you're in a positive place. BTW, the ice cream sounds decadent!!!

  2. It's pretty good ice cream but it's a simple recipe. The biggest issue is setting up the ice and salt in the machine after that it looks like watery pudding until the machine gets a hold of it. And yeah Ice Cube just took over that phrase.