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November 30, 2012

30 Days Has November...

April June and September all the rest have 31 except for February which has 4 plus 24--leap year brings it one day more.

That poem has been stuck in my head for HOURS as the end of the month and the National Blog Posting Month.  I wasn't sure I'd make it the entire thirty days posting because let's face it I can be a bit spacey.  But I did and now that it's over it was fun.  Can't say I would be able to do it every day every month cause I'm bored often and easily distracted.  Turns out though, this was such a rousing success (or it could be every month and I only caught on for November--edit yeah I just looked back at the site to make sure yep I'm super late lol) that it will reboot in December for those that are interested in joining up and trying to take on the challenge for themselves.  Next month's theme is WORK.  I am seriously looking for a new job and have ups and downs with this job but don't think I have 31 posts about work in me at all.  For those interested in signing up and joining the blogroll click HERE.  You need to fill out a quick form but then you're added to the other tiny legion of blogs that will gain new readers for the next month.

I'm super excited because my order from Cupcake Provocateur shipped today and will be here early next week.  That means if I space it out right and don't go into massive OMG yummy mode I will have a cupcake left to enjoy on my birthday because I'm sure mom won't be buying me a luscious birthday cake and sure as heck won't be making me one.  She's kinda mean like that.  She used to have one every year on my birthday at work but in seven years with me no cake lol.

Yesterday I was checking out The Bloggess's page and she posted a great charity group.  For some reason I haven't been inspired to get my annual angel this year but this touched my heart.  Project Night Night is a group that creates gift bags for children living in homeless shelters.  It gives them a book, a toy and a blanket that's all theirs.  Twenty bucks creates a bag for a child.  And you can donate in honor of someone else if you so desire.  Check it out.  And if you are so moved as well there's another little girl in need of some help.  She's eight and is fighting brain cancer.  If you're in her area there will be a party.  Tickets are 100 dollars for that event.  If you're not then you can donate via PayPal if you like and any amount large or small would be appreciated.  Her name is Jada and she looks like a sweetheart.  The links will both take you to the same place--a site called Giants of Generosity

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