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July 9, 2012

Free Samples, New Hair Stuff, Awkward Phone Interview Oh My

Hey people,

I think I've completed the last bit of tinkering to the site I'll do for a while now that I've added the signature.  I may make it a little bit bigger so people can see the rollers more clearly but it's cutesy and I like it.  First things first, a huge thanks to the ladies at Ebony's Garden for mentioning my blog.  I was overwhelmingly surprised and it made me smile.  And as I was roaming there I saw that Miss Jessie's hair care line is giving away FREE SAMPLES of up to three products and shipping is free too.  Check it out soon before your favorite product is gone or something you just want to try out.  Last night as I was checking out blogs to add to the Hair Diva section I came across a post on Relaxed Hair Health mentioning purchasing more expensive tools or products to take care of your hair.  Now it wasn't saying only buy pricey items but that sometimes the front end expense is worth the better care your hair might receive.  So I quit hemming and hawing about it and finally purchased the Denman brushes I had been eying on Folica.  I added two oil infused wide tooth combs and with the promotion that was running everything came up to a reasonable price considering I had four items heading this way.  I know the Mason Pearson brushes are top of the line but I gotta baby step up to those if I ever get them lol.  Right now I'd backhand myself for dropping that much on a brush but who knows it may not seem that big of a deal in six months or so.

I fell asleep late last night and was worried that I wouldn't be on for my phone interview this morning.  Instead I woke up 3 minutes before my alarm like normal and had 90 minutes to think of good questions, use the potty and grab some juice before turning on the fan.  It's unnecessarily warm in the mornings now and it messes with my pseudo allergies.  The interview itself was kinda short and weird to me.  I could barely hear one of them, they seriously may have asked four questions only one of which seemed super relevant to the job at hand.  I always have questions ready so I asked mine and 20 minutes or so after it started it was over.  I don't think I'll be invited to fly in and interview but who knows.  Thankfully I already have a job here so if not then there's no harm no foul regardless.  I did hear from some former coworkers--mostly about tennis so we could argue over why I don't like Roger Federer--and that was nice.  I also made a new batch of frozen yogurt.  I skipped the white chocolate this time for some reason and went for Crunchy Toffee Bar instead.  It was good enough that mom commented on it and just spiced it up with some nuts.  It's a relatively easy recipe but my ice cream maker isn't loving me so I may have to invest in a higher end model.  But I know I bought the cheap one to make sure I'd use it and so far in the last year or so I've probably not cracked it out as much as I could have but have made three or four batches recently.  This was the best one but I did see a really simple recipe that seems to be a basic vanilla that I may try to fancy up when this batch is gone.  Okay I'm done for now lol.  Here's the cookbook I got the recipe from.  It's full of gooey goodness that is simple so if you need a guide this is a good one: The Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Cookbook.

Crunchy Toffee Bar Frozen Yogurt

12 ounce can of low fat evaporated milk
1 teaspoon unflavored gelatin
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 cup low fat yogurt, stirred
2-3 ounces of crushed toffee bar

Pour evaporated milk into small saucepan and add gelatin.  Let stand for 1 minute.  Heat milk on low stirring constantly until gelatin is dissolved.  Remove from heat and let cool.  Add yogurt and candy and mix well.  Then it's off to the ice cream maker to blend till your desired consistency.  I always double the recipe because I have a relatively large machine and it's a pain to get the whole thing out for one small batch.  Plus when we like it then we have it longer to enjoy.  Have a great day all.

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