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July 21, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

Okay so emotionally I'm feeling a lot better honestly.  Not a clear reason as to why but I'm not feeling as blah.  It could be because I'm feeling like crud physically which stinks to high heaven but I'm not in agony.  Just feeling kinda  queasy and have a headache that I though I'd had gotten rid of but that is now coming back with a vengeance.  I went to sleep earlier hoping that would get rid of it and while the dream ROCKED as soon as mom came to bring me the mail my headache was raging.  I took some Aleve and that killed it for the last 90 minutes but I'm guessing the headache has decided to be stronger than the pain meds.  I got my Ben & Jerry's ice cream book so I can take the one I've been holding hostage from the library back whenever I head out again.  I also got a copy of The Science of Black Hair.  The price hasn't dropped dramatically and since I'm about to finish year one of healthy hair care I figured I'd check it out as well.  I've heard rave reviews and since the websites and watching youtube channels have helped before this might be a great addition to the collection.  If it's not maybe I can donate it to the library here since I know there aren't enough of us here to make it a viable purchase for them.  Heck I'm happy when they have the new brown kid cd or movie so a book this specific may not be in their budget.  It's not the richest state in the union by far.

I did do a bit of shopping before bed.  I keep saying that I'll make cupcakes but I'm lazy lol and I think I used up most of my gingersnaps so I can't make the gingersnap ones yet.  Anyhoo, as I'm sure you know the cupcake industry is getting much love in the last few years.  There are tons of gourmet shops with very kitchy recipes that look exciting.  I figured I'd indulge if the shipping wasn't horrendous and I could get a flavor I wanted.  Almost ordered from a bake shop in DC but the shipping was almost as much as the dozen cupcakes which was pushing 30 bucks as it was.  So had to scratch those lol.  I went looking local cause there's a shop that opened not too long ago.  Yeah 3 bucks for a mini cupcake with only a few flavors I wanted seemed unnecessary as well.  Oh but then I remembered the apron that first made me want to order something from Cupcake Provocateur many moons ago, a print called rag doll.  I don't think it's the EXACT same but I loved it and have been debating when to buy it.  Last night seemed like a good idea since they also ship cupcakes in a jar (jumbo sized lol) and mix that will make 18 to 24 cupcakes at your place.  I ordered my apron and four cupcakes so mom didn't try to eat mine lol.  And well today my extremely large order of nuts and cookies arrived as well as the aforementioned books.  My cheapskate gene is still in effect but I've been managing the bills better over the last four or five months and I don't often invest in me which needs to be part of this whole journey to happy.  Now if I could just get rid of this headache and general ache life would be fantastic.

Au revoir for now.

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