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July 26, 2012

Reset Day 4 & 5

Some of these things I really like since they kind of remind me of doing therapy on some level.  These are things that I would do with my own clients but yeah haven't indulged in my own therapy in YEARS.  So moving on to the reset exercises.

Day Four: Identify What's Important to You and The Top 10 to focus on.  This will be more detailed than just categories because otherwise I know myself and I'll say that's so vague and won't do a thing about any of it.  The category I think it falls under will be in all caps at the end of each line.

  1. Being a better friend: to my family, friends and sorority sisters.  They have always supported me and I need them to know they are important to me even when I'm being funky mcfunkerstein and hiding in my own emotions.  FRIENDSHIPS and FAMILY
    • Reach out to friends and family more
    • Share my life with them more than I have
    • Set up outings AND attend them lol
  2. Being a healthy human being inside and out.  I rarely get acne and I still look pretty young so that part is healthy.  While I'm not gaining weight I definitely need to lose some. And I need to not be so pessimistic.  Yes I know it helps me prepare but it also kills some of my joy. HEALTHY LIVING
    • Continue drinking as much water during the day as possible
    • WORK OUT, the bed is not your friend
    • Continue hair journey so that if you must be gray it's a healthy sexy gray head of hair
  3. Being helpful and diligent with my clients to make sure they are all receiving the best care I can provide them. JOB
    • Be there for my clients
    • Meet all agreed upon goals
    • Enjoy this opportunity
  4. Pursue a few of my dreams, side hustles as we like to joke, that have nothing to do with my chosen profession (well one doesn't).  Nothing is stopping me but me.  I've done more at once than I've even attempted recently. ACHIEVEMENT and INDEPENDENCE
    • Pursue teaching
    • Develop a well thought out business plan and possibly partner with a sorority sister on a business
    • Figure out if I'm an author worthy of publication or if it's a hobby I can enjoy but not think about making money from
  5. Enjoy my life more.  I have a lot of good things in it and I need to quit hiding from that. LIVE FULLY
    • Engage in hobbies, my plants will grow, I will read, I will eat great food
    • Don't let the negative moments overwhelm me
    • Just play and be goofy
  6. Figure out if I'm in a place to be a good partner.  The last few men have appreciated me greatly but it hasn't gotten me to the kind of relationship I want so I gotta do better. RELATIONSHIPS
    • Look for patterns in old relationships
    • Clear up any confusion with current relationship
    • Either recommit to relationship or enjoy singlehood
  7. Keep working on sorting out bills and getting rid of as much debt as humanly possible.  FINANCES
    • Pay off two or three credit cards before December if possible.
    • Pay down on student loan debt
    • Clear up any outstanding medical bills (I think this is already in motion)
  8. Continue my spiritual journey to wherever it needs to go.  I'm not into organized religion but my faith has been very important to me lately.  RELIGION
    • Reboot my YouVersion readings
    • Keep reading sorority sister's morning prayer
    • Continue to pray and trust my inner being
  9. I would like to be more active with my community service again.  It's a good feeling to help others and it ends up being rewarding no matter how tired I am. COMMUNITY SERVICE
    • I can do some volunteer work with my sorority
    • I may touch base with Big Brothers Big Sisters again if I can work with younger kids
    • Doing one off events may be an option as well
  10. Pursue my options with regards to adoption or being a foster mother.  There's a lot in me to give to small humans.  FAMILY
    • Follow up with social services
    • Decide if I really want to be a single parent
    • Get finances in complete and total order so that the cute crumb snatcher won't bankrupt me
Day Five: Are you living your values and what do they look like in action.

The short answer is I'm starting to now but I haven't been.  My old job left me so stressed and just angry that I stopped living as honestly and vibrantly as I have before now.  I'm re-engaging in several aspects of it now but fear has stopped me from doing more and well time.  There always seems to be seven things that need to be done at once.  But I'm putting myself out there more.  I am actively trying not to keep hiding.  And as soon as possible I'm going to kick start as many of these as I can.  See above for what will needed to be done, or looked for, in each of the Reset Top 10.

I want to think about Day 6 before I put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper.  I'm on a mission lol but mission statement is making me draw a blank right now.  Adios.

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