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July 5, 2012

Happy Sadness

You know how you see things and totally forget about them later on.  I did that with an adorable blog that two parents created to make the most of their very sick daughter's life.  She has a, had a genetic disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy, that did not have the best prognosis.  They created a bucket list for her which seemed horribly tragic and wonderfully amazing all at the same time.  They are much stronger humans than I am I can admit.  I hadn't checked the blog in a few months because I've been caught up in my own stuff but and when I checked it today I found out that Avery lost her fight with SMA at the end of April.  But here's the truly amazing thing.  Her parents have kept up the blog and their awareness efforts.  It's no less endearing knowing that she's not here anymore.  For those in the area of the fundraising efforts please attend.  Please share the blog with others and keep Avery's memory alive as well as her fight.  I may be back later but had to do this now before I got caught up in my own stuff again.  Avery's Bucket List

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