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July 11, 2012

More randomly randomness

Hey folks,

I've gotten all off track with the wash routine because I've been super lazy the last week or so.  I went to work yesterday and that was good.  It's nice to feel busy even though learning new paperwork is always frustrating.  My Folica order shipped within about 12 hours of the order so that rocks.  My unnecessarily delayed Maroon 5 cds just shipped from Top Spin.  It just reminded me why I hate preordering things.  Same thing happened with my Prince set an eon ago.  It took almost two months after release date to fulfill all the preorders.  Yeah we go an extra cd and ended up with something else free, a t-shirt maybe, but it was such a pain to see everyone with their four cd set with nice cover art and you got bubkiss to deal with on your end of things.  And then one of my sorority sisters showed me a site that I shouldn't know exists because it combines good deals with my cheapness without all the hassle of paying for bids or hoping the deal goes through.  I so love that lol.  Anyway nomorerack is like the best site ever.  I got 1600 thread count sheets for 29 bucks and a headset with microphone jack for 9.  Ahhh cheap girl love.  And you get 10 free bucks for signing up.  I picked up a few ice cream books at the library after work and really didn't find anything that must be tried.  A variation on the white chocolate ice cream that could be good and that led me to searching the net for a version of the limited batch Ben & Jerry's Gingersnap Ice Cream that was so good and is now buried in the vault.  That led to What's Cooking Chicago.  Food lust at it's finest.  Please check it out.  After today's running around I'll deep condition my hair and wash it in the morning.  I may take photos again so I can see the difference between my wet length and whatever style I come up with.  Back to bad daytime tv and cartoons ohh and frozen yogurt lol.  Still working on the crunchy toffee batch, so yummy.

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