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July 31, 2012

Insomnia sucks big monkey balls & related things

I really hate when I can't sleep.  Granted my sleep cycle has been off because I've been feeling so so the last few days with no clear explanation.  I finally finished the oft delayed assignment for my old job.  I couldn't decide if it was deliberate that I was ignoring it or a mix of my life is really moving on and I don't want to deal with the past much anymore.  It was probably a little of both cause believe me I was annoyed when I got the assignment weeks after I left.  But it's in and if they like it or don't my time with them is done.  Just paychecks to collect and the rest of my life here to enjoy.  I finished around 11PM and debated sending it but since I want to go in tomorrow morning I didn't want to forget about sending it.  That gave me time to talk to the boyfriend and to check the assignments for the University of Phoenix training.  Got those all done and just need to create a power point for class next week.  On the plus side the dumb assignment let me know that I still had really good access to journal articles through my public library.  LOVE THEM.  We don't give the public library enough credit really, free movies and cds and books.  You get them for at least a week and late fees are still better than anything Blockbuster came up with.  Yes I know this is all very random but it's 3 in the morning what do you expect from me lol. 

I may have finished the assignment earlier but I took an hour to wash and set my hair.  I had mom do the back to make sure I didn't have any loose fly away strands.  I'm glad I bought the extra rollers the last time I ran by the beauty supply store because I used a fair number of the smaller ones.  I should have taken a picture of my multicolored hair.  I'm using the blue, orange and purple flexi rods.  Blue for the very back which seems intent on being shorter than the rest of my hair always.  Orange for most areas of the rest of my hair and purple for the very top which is much longer than the back.  I tried to detangle my hair in the shower and when the hair that began to shed seemed like a clump I quickly abandoned that idea.  My new wide tooth comb worked great again and I love it for detangling.  Once out of the shower hair loss was minimal even though there was the normal shedding for me.  It's just another example of needed to co-wash my hair if I'm going to flexi rod set it so that it doesn't get overly tangled during the rest of the week.  Whoever invented flexi rods I love.  Since I'm air drying most of the time I normally sleep in rollers.  These are so much more comfy than the regular rollers I have (and I have perm rods, flexi rods, and the normal roller set magnetic rollers) so I go to them most of the time unless I wash my hair early in the day and/or want a straighter look.  I also just realized I'm 10 weeks plus post relaxer.  I have no idea why this stretch seems to be going so much easier other than my stress level seems to be considerably lower than when I departed my old job six weeks ago and that I'm happy about what's to come.  Either way I enjoy it and we'll see if the next two weeks are okay and if so I'll push beyond 12 weeks.  If not I'll be getting my next dose of creamy crack early next month, not this Friday, like next Friday.  Which would be around a full year of hair journey for me and may be a celebratory look at what my hair has done.  My ends are healthier, hair is fuller and I'm committed to taking care of it.  I'll try to take pictures tomorrow if I get motivated to get in and see my cutie pies.  If not then whenever I go in I'll snap some photos.

And I am behind again on the 31 Day Reset program but I have my print out and will get back to it soon.  Technically I'm not way behind.  Yesterday I did do something that I needed to do which is part of Day 9.  I needed to shed the yoke that was old job and that has been completed.  But it's not what I really wanted to do so Wii Fit or Bowling party is up tomorrow or Thursday, I guess tomorrow is really later today.  Doh.  Oh and I tried a patty melt recipe from gojee.com.  Since I was busy working I had mom do them and she doesn't quite get patty melt but the burgers I seasoned tasted pretty good.  And with her homemade fries it was a good meal.  Okay enough babbling, gonna try to find something to do to make me fall asleep.

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