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July 16, 2012

I always miss a piece lol

So I did flexi rod set my hair and it came out nice for the most part.  And as I was taking down the last few rollers in the back, the worry that I always have, because I don't part with my comb to make even curls, came true.  A few stragglers of dry but totally lacking a defined curl hair were there.  I had to run out and do some errands so I just pin curled them down and went about my day.  I rolled it last night before bed and said enough for now.  I did oil my scalp and used a growth oil mix on the back section before tying my hair down and going to bed.  I MUST say though that after the great flank steak I made some decent enchilada pie for dinner.  Really easy and if you want the recipe let me know but it's maybe seven ingredients and some patience lol, layers like a lasagne.  I'm off tangent.  Ok yeah flank steak fantastic, enchilada pie decent, Gingersnap Ice Cream just a tiny slice of heaven.  I didn't find heavy cream at the store and used heavy whipping cream in its place but oh good diety of unknown origins LOVED it.  I had a tiny bit before I went to bed last night but today after the cookies had more time to absorb the ice cream it was so good it was out of control.  If I had a first born I might have donated them away to make sure I always had enough material on hand to make the next batch lol.  It was even worth getting the real maple syrup.  Please check out the recipe HERE and let me know if it was as good for you as it was for me.

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