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July 21, 2012

Reset, reboot, report

Was about to update the last post again and that seemed silly.  It's just easier to start a new post and share what I meant to share with you right?

Okay so someone opted not to cook because for some reason she thought I'd wait till 9PM to cook.  I ran out and got us a bite to eat and then came back to check all the blogs I'm following.  I had planned on waiting till August 1st to join the 31 Day Reset on Happy Black Woman's Blog but said screw it and jumped on in.  I may not blog all assignments but I'll be sure to tag the ones I do.  Day 1: Choose a notebook, mantra and theme song. The computer will likely be my notebook in some form or fashion.  Here are the other two pieces of the assignment.

Mantra: In order to be fully reborn, I have to let pieces of the old me die. I choose to embrace the journey ahead.

Theme Song: I Am by Christina Aguilera.

I chose the mantra I did because I can get stuck sometimes.  I'm so busy planning how to take care of this or that for him or her or them that I don't work on the things for myself that I need to attend to.  And I'm fearful a lot more than I'd like.  That too prevents me from taking the risks that I would like.  I have to be able to look ahead without the fear, or move beyond the fear, or else I'll be forever unhappy with where I could be.  I love the song I chose.  It's about acknowledging where you have faults, embracing them and how they contribute to who you are, and letting others embrace that person not the one you want them to see (free of faults and all that stuff).  Or that's what I take from it.  It makes me cry a little sometimes but it always makes me say yep that's what I want.  We'll see how the reboot goes.  I need a little structure sometimes to make myself stick to task.

OAN: I did take my hair down and it's straight surprisingly considering how puffy it was feeling BUT I would have had to roller set it to keep it out like it is now since I'm working on the no heat part of my life.  However, I'm eight weeks post right now and my hair is feeling like it's eight weeks post.  Tomorrow I'll wash it and roller set it before bed.  My hair likes that better than a simple wrap without any sort of heat.

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