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July 26, 2012

there may be a series of posts

Okay I'm late on my 31 Day Reset assignments.  Monday night after feeling like crap for the entire weekend I drug my happy behind out of bed and went to the University of Phoenix assessment night.  It was good.  I think I did fine and I enjoyed myself listening to the other presentations.  Better yet it was a step to getting my identity bad in a way that felt good for me instead of the one that I'm coming out of.  I also committed to some sorority stuff too and need to send an email back about something else.  Yesterday a stupid virus hit my computer so I spent several hours last night and more hours today running virus scan after virus scan.  Okay I may ramble about this more in a different post but let's see how many of the Reset assignments I can catch up on.  Up first Day Two, an assessment of several areas of your life.

•What do I like? I like the area in terms of travel time to and from work, I have a great sorority chapter, it's slow enough to be pleasant and things are reasonably priced if you are making a decent wage.
•What do I dislike? Not a lot in the way of entertainment for what I like to do, airfare is ridiculous and things that I consider basic cooking staples are specialty items around here.  Oh and if you are even remotely single this ain't the spot.

•What do I like? I'm not dealing with office politics anymore, I feel like there's another kind of benefit I can to my new clients and the new pay is definitely an upgrade.
•What do I dislike? I moved here for a different position that I'm in the process of leaving.  I don't like not having coworkers I'll interact with regularly but the new job is very supportive.

•What do I like? I loved my school and academic career even with the bumps that came in different areas.  And because of some of the places I went I met great people and have wonderful memories including stalking Prince in concert, good times.
•What do I dislike? Not a lot of opportunity to use everything I learned depending on my job.  But I may be figuring out how to work around that.

•What do I like? I can pay my bills.
•What do I dislike? I need to be more savvy about investing and not so scared about taking risks.

•What do I like? Overall I'm pretty healthy and I've made some changes in my diet that have led to me feeling a lot better in the recent years.
•What do I dislike? I still need to work out and I could eat a little bit better still.

•What do I like? I have great relationships with my brother and his wife and their cute babies.  I have a decent one with my mom and I no longer want to kill my extended family lol.  I have adopted family that make me feel great and loved as well.
•What do I dislike? I'm not married and I have no kids.

•What do I like? I like that I'm loyal and supportive of friends and partners.  That I'm honest and usually willing to find a way to do what's best for everyone.
•What do I dislike? I can stay in relationships too long sometimes hoping it gets better when I know it won't.  I haven't mastered how to have the kind of relationships I want.

Day Three: write a letter to your future self.

In the next thirty days I hope that you are moving forward with figuring out how to teach somewhere again if you can't do the University of Phoenix thing.  I hope that you have gotten up off the couch and back to working out on a regular basis again.  You really enjoy working out and your thoughts are clearer when you do.  I hope that you have gotten settled into the new job and are seeing the beauty in your life that isn't there in your line of vision right now.  Figure out a new way to play nice with mom.  The periodic spurts are good but the blow ups are ridiculous.  Keep cooking it's so much fun.  And find a way to pursue those other dreams.  Other people's disinterest doesn't have to mean your defeat.  Keep being you and the blessings that are due will keep coming this way.  Love you and everything else will fall into place.

I may add the next assignment here tomorrow but it's one that  I want to sit and think about it before sharing.  There's another post in me tonight though so be prepared.

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