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July 26, 2012

le sigh, le sigh

Have you ever been feeling kinda funky and while a small chat would have been okay but the extended exploration of how you're handling life just pisses you off?  I know he meant well and was trying to be encouraging my brain was not in the right frame of mind for probing of how I'm feeling.  I am not used to people really being two-faced.  I usually have good radar about that kind of thing and cut folks out of my life faster than I did this time.  And on most days I'm pretty okay with that and I'm looking forward to my new life and what's in store for me.  Today didn't happen to be one of those days and it just pressed all of my emotional buttons.  Which sucks because I looked at my fortune cookie and cracked up at what it said.  It was wonderfully appropriate for where I am right now: You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction.  Now how perfect is that?  I so don't know where I'm headed right now.  I know some things have calmed down but it still feels like things are up in the air.  I still haven't heard from the phone interview folks BUT wasn't super surprised by that.  I need to get back on the hustle about getting my books (two different subsections of fiction) published.  I need to work on a business plan for the sports management company that I've wanted to start since graduate school.  I would like to be able to support myself on my own terms.  I plan on working hard to save up money and keep paying down bills over the next few months/years whatever.  Car will be paid off next year or close to it I believe.  And if all goes well, this time next year I'd be in the process of adopting a cute kid--preferably potty trained but then I miss all the wonder that is Baby Magic and crawling so I'll keep thinking about that one lol.  In brief hair news, the snoods work great.  They are big enough to not crush my hair but still maintain the same kind of feel as the mesh hair net did.  I still need to get my routine set on moisturizing and sealing my hair because as normal when I get caught up in something that slips a lot.  Either way I didn't have to roll my hair again because the curls went flat.  I'm still loving taking care of my hair.  Each day I'm getting a little bit better I know lol.  Gonna go back to watching tv now.

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