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July 4, 2012

My hair is PISSED but the brisket was good

I need to take my hair down and moisturize and seal again.  It's mostly been wrapped for the last two days save a short trip to Wal-mart to get supplies for today.  But as I went to wrap it a few days ago there was shedding and when I took it down there was more shedding.  Not so much that I'd start crying but more than I would like considering the amount of shedding I had on wash day.  But it seemed to appreciate the m&s better this week so maybe I've just been neglecting that more than I should.  Other than that it's being nice and just doing the normal yes I'm growing and yes I'm gray.  It actually looks white right now since my hair is so dark and not burgundy.  I'll tend to the hair in a few minutes.  I really only contributed brisket to the hot part of the meal today. Yeah I grabbed buns and other things to make sure we could eat how we wanted but I was tired.  Been feeling off the last week or so--could be lack of work.  I am so not a person that could work from home unless it was active work cause I swear it's painful.  Anyhoo back to the brisket.  I woke up much earlier than I wanted and since I was up I mixed two dry rubs that we had in the cabinet with some brown sugar and heavily coated it before letting it cook @ 250 degrees.  Probably a little too long but it was good and I didn't have to hear it's undercooked.  Mom is a seriously cook it till it's desert dry kind of human.  I may start working on another round of frozen yogurt.  I am trying to stay off the Golden Oreos as I prepare to get healthy again.  Okay enough witty banter now.  Trying to plan out how to do a good deed.  See ya.

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