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July 20, 2012

Trying to Get Back to Happy

I have been feeling off today.  My life in most regards is going well.  I have a new job that pays a lot more than the old job.  They are super friendly and I actually like the people I work with and see the benefit my visits are having with some of them.  Yesterday felt like being reborn into newness with work cause I adored it.  Feisty old women make me smile.  Especially when they tell me I look like I'm young enough to be on my internship lol.  I may be able to teach again if I do well at a University of Phoenix test session which I haven't done since I left grad school.  There's a potential for the last six months of this year to be rather stellar but today I'm not feeling it.  I miss my family, well the family that doesn't live with me, and I'm feeling super single even though nothing resembling a decision to officially end things has come across my brain.  I've lost a spark, my impulsiveness has been greatly tempered by you know the rational idea that I need to pay bills, not leave my mother alone too long, drive 12 hours round trip or worse yet one way will kill my back. 

I should be on top of the world.  I made two batches of ice cream (woohoo more gingersnap and maple walnut for mom), planted my herb garden, planted mom's tomato plants, and last night I finally did a co-wash after mostly finger detangling my flexi-rod set.  Ohh the new comb I tried last week when my hair threw a tantrum worked much better with the prewash detangle and post co-wash detangle.  Didn't lose much hair and it pretty much fell into my pre wash semi-permanent hair part.  I did see the grey peaking out in more places but hey maybe it will help with my work as they won't think I'm a grandchild's age.  My hair was being a pain when I wrapped it so I have no idea what it will look like when I take it down but if it's total crap I guess I can wash and set it on Sunday. 

The shooting in Colorado was massively creepy and has been hard to avoid.  Definitely not trying to be insensitive to the victims or oblivious to the shooter but I have a low threshold for senseless tragedy.  It makes me moody as hell.  I guess that could be contributing to my mood but I have mostly avoided coverage today except when I was trying to bond with mom.  I'm not an overly emotional person but my heart aches with stuff like this.  But it doesn't feel quite like that right now.  Right now it's just kinda blah.  I hope it stops soon cause I hate it.  Maybe it's because I woke up to the sound of someone mowing the freaking lawn at like 7 in the morning.  Why do that?  Were you about to be find by an inspector cause if not go the hell to bed.

Even the wee bit of retail therapy I've engaged in prior to today didn't do much to lift the mood.  I got my samples from Miss Jessie's and I may try that on Sunday to see how my hair likes it.  I got my VERY cheap and looking like they'll work just find headphones with a microphone.  I even got my snoods lol.  Ok they aren't the super fancy vintage ones that women used to wear.  I love those but until I can do a successful bun kind of look I won't invest in the fancy smancy ones.  These were bought because I can't find a large rayon mesh hair net.  With rollers in my hair or when I'm trying to do a pineapple to preserve my curls the hair net I got from Sally's just smushes my hair.  I'll see how these work instead.  And honestly if my hair gets long enough those might be great to keep hair off my neck without braiding it or putting it in a bun.  I guess that would be when I feel like my hair is long enough to do some of those tucked protective styles anyway. 

Ahh well, the downside for me feeling moody is I ramble lol.  Sorry guys.  I'll try to take photos on Monday of however my hair turns out.  Have a great weekend, I'm going to go get some spaghetti before I forget to eat.

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