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July 7, 2012

Just a Quickie

I was tinkering around watching tennis.  Woot go Serena congrats on getting your FIFTH Wimbledon title today.  And since I couldn't remember exactly when my hair journey started but knew it wasn't time to get a perm for at least six more weeks that I'd miss whatever the exact date was (I'm thinking it was August 3rd since that's when the first picture was taken).  But I wanted to see what progress looked like visually since last August and created the photo I'm about to share using pixlr.com because they are the absolute coolest site lol and I have found a place to vintage up shots without struggling to get things right in Photoshop.  Really LOVE pixlr.  Well the men's doubles is about to wrap up so I'm going to tuck in the photo and get back to watching Wimbledon because Venus and Serena are trying to get their 5th ladies doubles championship.  If they win they will share 15 Wimbledon titles, 5 singles a piece.  Ok scratch that about to wrap up, two sets all going into what is sure to be a tight 5th set.  Here's the photo anyway lol.

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