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July 7, 2012

The Long Awaited Header Woo Hoo!

Okay if you've visited before you'll know the plain gold header, while lovely, is now defunct.  The bespectacled young woman to your left was created by Jessica Weible as part of her custom character designs.  I stumbled on the background image on Fotolia.  You aren't seeing all of it but it's because the image got slight distorted when I tried to make it fit EXACTLY.  I'd put it up here for you to see but I don't want anyone stealing it from the lovely person that created it.  But here's the exact name and name of the creator in case you were wanting to see it in all its glory: Vintage silhouette of girl on tapestry background. © pugovica_88 #35212902.  It is really adorable and since she was gesturing with her hand just in opposite of the custom character it actually warmed my nerdy little heart.  I was going to add a few food and hair items to the header but that just felt busy so I kept it simple.  I may edit it later but if I do it will probably be a total revamp. 

Maybe when there's more photos of my hair growth then I'll add a few up there too.  I included buttons for Jessica's site as well as Carolynn's site Makin Cute Blogs that gave me tutorials on how to create the background image, change it, create the header in Pixlr (fantastic site by the way) and upload the image easily in the new blogger.  Save money for images (20 bucks total because I was being indecisive on the size on Fotolia--and I still have a few credits to spare there) the whole redesign was done by me, for the moment doesn't look like anyone else's blog and is giving me the warm fuzzies lol.  Sorry if the title and description are a little bit harder to read but I couldn't scrap the description and I LOVED the background too much not to live with a little interference.  Creating the header took a little longer than I wanted cause I'm anal as all creation and accidentally opened a site while I was tinkering on pixlr and lost the first image I had gotten semi set.  And just in case I didn't mention it at the time I created the background on a site called colourlovers which is also free to use.  This has been an interesting process and enjoyable lol.  I was getting desperate and was going to pay for a lot of it but thankfully I guess people didn't respond to my weird combination of ideas lol.

Moving on.  I need to deep condition my hair tomorrow after I do some running around.  Monday is phone interview and Tuesday is work.  I may have to run up to campus soon or I may wait until the end of the month to make sure I don't want to buy anything else at the computer store lol.  I told my brother about getting Dad's birth certificate and his lack of name.  He had initials for a while it appeared.  Not sure when those turned into an actual name but it slightly explains why we were all gifted with his initials.  He was attached to them after all.  And I really need to make some frozen yogurt or ice cream or something because laying off the golden oreos are KILLING me.  Oh and for those that didn't visit Avery's Bucket List mentioned in the last post please do.  Her story has raised an amazing amount of money for others battling her disease.  And an anonymous donor has agreed match that total up to $500K.  The last update had it at $343K.  Finally, I just saw this really cute video from a filmmaker interviewing himself in a 20 year span at 12 and 32.  Check it out.  People are having such cool ideas--like the parents that are photographing their kids every day and showing the changes to the kids later.  I love that.  Hope you enjoy it and I'll look for the kid video later.  Here's: A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition.

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