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July 28, 2012

Reset Day 6 & 7 & 8

So the assignment for day six was to create your own mission statement.  That sounded somewhat intimidating and I'll admit to not reading all of the assignment because it seemed daunting at the time.  Looking back at it and instead of thinking about mission statements from work settings, the assignment doesn't seem as scary.  So here goes and if it starts to get wordy then you'll be gifted to the page break I should have put in the last one initially but that is finally there now.

I enjoy people from a distance.  I know that sounds weird but I like to observe more than I like to interact sometimes.  I love being independent and self-sufficient.  I adore making people smile and will use a sense of humor to try to diffuse a situation when I can.  I am goofy and don't mind embarrassing myself depending on the circumstances lol.  I am a chronic overachiever kid who has hit the point in my life where there's little left to achieve save a successful marriage and motherhood.  I love helping people but privately as you could probably say I'm one of the most shy people you'd ever meet.  My jobs, friends, military brat life allow me to become someone else for a while but I'm not the one to scream across the room to make a new friend.  I appreciate good music, good performances, good movies, good wine now that I'm getting older and the sense of peace that comes from just being happy for ten minutes.  I am always honest and am genuinely hurt when other people lie to me or about me.  I value learning and growing because everything else feels like you're stuck and I'm so over being stuck.  I want to enter the next phase of my life pursuing new experiences regardless of the outcome.  I just want to breathe easy and enjoy the feeling of sun on my face and wind in my now growing (and graying) hair.

Now I'm going to go work on my life map and if I can scan it later I'll do that and share it with you later.  Day 8 is to reflect on things and really what I keep coming back to is I'm stuck and that's not where I want to be.  I have one project to finish and after that I'm going to reboot on all cylinders.  I've spoken to my sorority sister about the business idea and so far we've agreed to help flesh out a business plan.  I heard back about teaching and I start the training classes soon to make sure that I can I can be a wonderful professor.  I actually have an assignment for that too.  I'm trying to think of a difficult concept to explain in psychology because I've been doing it so long it all seems basic to me except personality testing and I wouldn't do that to anyone in ten minutes lol.  And I may or may not go full time next week.  My plan for seeing the new clients will be thrown off if I try to go in on Wednesday but it may be okay.  I'm gonna think on it and decide by Monday.  I'm enjoying my reset.  You should try it.

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