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August 16, 2012

Lots and Lots of Thanks

Ok I was cranky when I went to work today and none of my clients were available to talk to.  However, it was early enough in the day that I decided to have my brakes checked out since six months ago they said I had 20 percent left on the pads and should have them looked at eventually even though it wasn't dangerous.  And I really haven't been driving that much BUT I wasn't sure if I had one of those new fangled cars on which the brakes just wouldn't start giving you the audible squeak to say go change me as they still weren't doing that as of this morning.  Long sentence I know, forgive me.  I was going to go to the dealership as they do GREAT work but they were charging 50 to 100 bucks more than everyone else for the same kind of work.  Went to a local shop that had done work for me before and 86 bucks later new front brakes and turned rotor.  Back brakes are good for a while longer apparently--I don't know how that works but they are still at 50 percent.  I had to wait because no one could pick me up and take me home and while home I finally started reading A Simple Act of Gratitude (I mentioned this book on the Working on Me page).  It's a good book.  And while my life didn't magically improve, my insight and mindset on some things did and for that I have to be grateful.  I'm about halfway through and it's not like he went on a magical mission that changed his life but in looking for the things he could be thankful a lot of it didn't seem as heavy.  I'll give a more thorough review when it's all over with but it inspired me to list a few things I'm grateful for and to come up with a giveaway.  Giveaway is a copy of How to Be a Pinup Model: Release Your Inner Bombshell because while it contains great info on makeup and styling, it's not the tool that is going to release my inner pinup model.  The rules are simple--either post in comments or email me (pecanpieandpincurls at gmail) a short letter you would give to someone for something you are truly grateful for.  Entries are accepted from now until August 31st at 10pm CST.  Winner will be posted in a blog entry and your dvd will be on its way.  I know it's a specific kind of gift that may not appeal to everyone but I don't want it to waste away on my shelf and the only other extra video I think I have is Queen of the Damned and that seems sort of counter thankful.  But hey let me know and I'll check for any other duplicates and maybe you can choose something else IF I have it.  Here's my non specific list even though I think I am going to write the auto body shop.  Here's a small list of what I'm thankful for:

  • For being employed 
  • For having people that love me
  • For a mechanic that was honest with me, did a great job and was friendly--and didn't move my seat around too much as I'm a munchkin
  • For being around groups of people that make me smile
  • For having a loving family to drive me crazy
  • For being in mostly good health
  • For still being able to read, sleep, goof off on my own accord
  • For Cartoon Network, ID, and a small host of other channels


  1. i am thankful for

    being loved by GOD
    people seeing that i love GOD
    my family
    knowing the difference between a WANT and a NEED
    my career
    my hair
    my health
    air conditioning

    1. Thanks for replying and since you were the only one brave enough to share I am delighted to send you the DVD. Please email me your mailing address so that I can ship it out to you. pecanpieandpincurls at gmail.com