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August 18, 2012

Today was Rough but Continuing the Thanks

Still didn't see all of my clients do to random issues but I saw four of them and checked in on three others who weren't well enough to chat.  However, the email I sent to my recruiter was well received and we're going to discuss how to maintain this job from her point of view.  I'll still be applying for other jobs just in case because I like to eat and pay my bills.  And I was able to apply for a different kind of forbearance on the student loans while I get income sorted out.  The woman I spoke was very nice and even thanked me for being so patient and friendly.  It's always nice to hear especially when one is in a funk.  And then to round out the day of positives outweighing the momentary negatives I heard back from campus on why my COBRA form had been delayed.  My address was right everywhere but the benefits office.  She apologized profusely and will email me the form as soon as she can get access to it as well as get it remailed to me.  I don't know if I'm going to sign up but I need to see the prices to make sure if it's worth it or not.  I need to call the gyno too and make sure it wouldn't just be cheaper to go in for my depo shot without paying for the insurance.  It's free with the insurance but it may just be around 75 bucks without it.  Granted the insurance would cover my other doctors but as I think I mentioned before my body has been cooperating with me much more than it had been when I was still at my old job.  My hair is thick as all creation and doing well to be 13 weeks post.  Clients all loved it which is saying a whole lot cause it was looking a mess to me lol.  Don't need the IBS meds as much and my blood pressure meds are 4 bucks with or without the insurance lol.  We'll see if the price doesn't scare me I'll go with it.  Plus the minute I decline it something may go to pot.  Again life is in flux, so many decisions but the setbacks are small in relation to the fact that I have the options to do better and get better.  Yep and my last Cupcake Provocateur red velvet cupcake was DELICIOUS.  Have a good night everyone.

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  1. OOOOH I hate the days of Cobra, its so expensive but when you're stuck you're stuck, ya know?!