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August 4, 2012

Enjoy my Randomness Please

So I mentioned The Husblog yesterday but didn't elaborate on what had got me thinking.  Maybe a week or so ago he asked was your marriage (since I'm not married I extrapolated to relationship) was a product or a brand.  A brand being long lasting, able to withstand change and grow into different areas.  A product is great while it lasts but only fits a specific need and after that it tapers off depending on the need.  I mean foil paper has stood the test of time as has duct tape (well in terms of recent history lol) but is anyone going to want a stichky (or however it's spelled) in 10 years or those fans that you would put on the car window to suck out the hot air--well I might want that right now cause it's blistering freaking hot.  Regardless though it got me to thinking.  I don't know if any of my relationships have been brands.  Almost all of them have been long-term and great for a long while but when they go bad oh they have sucked big monkey balls.  They have each fit a need for where I was, some growth I needed to have in order to keep evolving (or my partner needed to keep growing) but when that point was reached they started to fizzle.  And I know that part of my issue has been a desire to NOT repeat the mistakes of my parents so I don't want to run away prematurely but I also have this intense desire not to get hurt as well so it's a hard balancing act.  Maybe I've been blocking my progress to being a brand because I don't want to perpetually be hurt.  Or maybe they weren't meant to be GM relationships and instead were meant to be Sit & Spins (the originals, not the bootleg reboots kids are playing with now).  I've dated a few people that have gotten to see me, bumps, bruises, warts and all but as of today I'm still quite single, in terms of not being married, and have nothing  on the shelf to say look that one was GOOD STUFF.  It's frustrating.

He had another post about pre marriage talks and zombie apocalypse survival but I can't do that justice so just go read it lol.  I'm diving back into work and it's good for me.  Going to wash my hair tomorrow afternoon/night and braid it up instead of doing the flexi set.  I would like to see the difference in wave.  I'm also going to work on the power point for class and look into starting the business plan.  I'll probably be obsessing over the Olympics a bit, must see Serena play of course, and depressed that no more Hollywood Heights will be on until Monday and that means I have to let it tape cause class doesn't end till 10 and I doubt I'm going to remember anything about it until Tuesday morning and well I'll be back at work like normal people.

Somehow my package from Cupcake Provocateur got misdirected but she contacted me quickly and sent it back out.  Hopefully it comes on Monday.  It would be a nice treat after the long day.  Click the nice big button on the left--LOVE everything there especially if you have even the touch of vintage diva in your body.

Ok enough babbling, I started this posted on August 3rd and it's not barely August 4th cause I keep babbling.  Have a good one people.

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