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August 7, 2012

And still more photos ha ha

So I totally did not do a huge surprise for my first hair journey anniversary and I still haven't lol.  I went to work and class yesterday and literally came home exhausted.  However, I was super happy with how thick and wavy the pseudo braid out turned out.  Mom didn't totally love it because I didn't put it in any particular style but she's VERY old school and when I twisted one side today she was so tickled it was out of control.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the hair loss I experienced mostly during detangling but had another major tangle result in some hair loss when I was washing my hair.  See the photo below for the tragedy that was my hair loss.  It was a small puff in actuality I know and fit quite easily in the palm of my hand but it was annoying.

Other than that though the new hair experiment seemed to go okay.  My hair felt really healthy and thick.  If I can figure out exactly what to do with my ends this could be another go to style that's easy enough to do as long as I have enough time for it to air dry or enough patience for the dryer.  And while it did let my nice row of gray roots peek back through my roots felt undamaged and not at all stressed from the experience.  I did a quick moisturize and seal before going out this morning because my hair was looking and feeling a little dry but another good day of low maintenance hair world.  No pictures for today but if I come up with something snazzy tomorrow I'll try to snap a quick photo before heading out the door.  Biggest difference though with the braid/twist out this time though as I mentioned before was length.  The first time I did this with the scarf/ribbon method and my hair was much shorter.  The hair was all very even sized but my hair was so short I felt like a Barbie who just got her first pissed off girl hair cut.  It was not the business.  I think this is as short as I could go with it and enjoy the style because it just made me look REALLY young before.  I don't need help with that.  When most people see me now and here I have two advanced degrees they think I was in grad school as a teenager.  No I don't mind being told I look ten years younger than I am BUT as that is already an issue when most of my clients are nearing or already are twice my age, let's not make it worse lol.  I may take a nap.  Yesterday kicked my BUTT.

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