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August 5, 2012

This May Be The Post that Never Ends

Well ladies and gents,

I guess there could be some gents reading this too.  Anyhoo, there are some updates that I need to make because I've been slacking.  So bear with me if this post is wordier than most but I'll add a page break if it looks like I'm gonna ramble for a moment.  You've been warned lol so buckle up.

I hit my first anniversary on my hair journey.  Technically it was Friday so yes I'm late but I was working and thinking about things so forgive me.  The year went pretty quick and I was a little upset that there hadn't been more length retained but my hair is thick and happy and healthy.  I gave my ends a peak yesterday before I started to prepoo and they were looking pretty good as well.  So I was chalking things up to yeah health.  Today I was going to do a twist or braid out on my hair.  I have no patience so I asked mom to do it and she did but as she finished the braids I noticed something.  My hair is eons longer than it was the first time we tried a braid out.  That was many months ago but I was pretty set on not doing it again until I was sure my hair was long enough to not make me look 17 when I took it down for the wavy look that braid/twist outs give.  I had totally forgotten about that today.  I just wanted to try something else that didn't tangle as much as the flexirod sets so I was a bit shocked to see the length of the braids.  I rolled them up and now they are under my bonnet.  We'll see how it looks in the morning.  My next relaxer will depend on how this week of hair behavior goes.  If it looks okay and is holding the style well I'll do what I mentioned before and just let it ride another week or two at least.  If not I'll beg to get in this week or early next week at the latest.  Can't be looking a mess with my cute new clients.

I'm back on my ice cream kick.  I made some earlier and it's doing the final freeze before I can eat it.  I am probably going to make some lemon cupcakes too so that I can use the mix I bought from Williams Sonoma--did I mention I need to stay out of that store?  I would make the red velvet mix but I really hate not having actual buttermilk when recipes call for it.  Oh but I may have that powdered buttermilk stuff that I can use.  Just totally remembered I had that lol.  Or I may just wait to get my giant cupcakes in a jar from Cupcake Provocateur but then I want have anything warm and gooey to go with my cold and yummy dessert.  But then again neither of those flavors mix with gingersnap ice cream.  And I keep forgetting to check if the meat grinder attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer will crush the cookies into crumbs so I can make some gingersnap cupcakes.  I don't NEED a food processor and the cheap ones I see on amazon and other places seem like risky investments.  Anyone have a smallish gadget that can chop or crush without making a mess.  A blender seems like overkill and hard to clean for just some crumbs.  I'll keep looking till I can't stand it anymore lol.

I moved some things around on the page to make it more streamlined.  Mostly because I keep adding new hair blogs and it keeps pushing the other stuff that's important to me down.  I shoved all the tags to the very bottom of the page in case you were looking for them.  And put the shorter blog/pages all on the same side mostly.  Oh and I've abandoned my sewing machine dreams for now.  The ones at nomorerack.com were affordable but looked kinda cheesy.  The better ones I've seen are a few hundred bucks and I don't have any projects that require a sewing machine besides hemming my own pants so I can continue to wear flats and not have my pants on the ground.  I also still haven't started my book, I need to quit wasting time.  That is one of the things that the 31 Day Reset has reminded me of.  I do waste a ton of time even though right now I'll blame it on the Olympics but it's not an excuse.  I need to do better.  Then maybe I won't be so sleepy all the time.

Ahh well, I need to go find some dinner.  My mother just knocked on the door and clearly stated she was making dinner for herself and not for anyone else since I hadn't taken anything down for dinner.  Which is fine, not really feeling her fried rice even though I may make some spring rolls just cause.  I need to go work on something else now so I'll quit talking.  Have a great night.

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