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August 19, 2012

Feeling kind of Productive

I'm sure it won't last lol, okay I hope it will.  I washed my hair, cooked dinner, set my hair, need to update my hair regimen cause I'm gonna skip the overnight prepoos.  Cursed at my hair and myself because there were a ton of knots today so either it's time for a relaxer or this longer hair thing may not be for me cause knots are not the business lol.  I'm used to detangling being a pain in the behind but I have never had knots.  Just some serious tangles that were a pain but came through with minimal hair loss.  I'll call my hairdresser tomorrow and see what we can set up.

Ate dinner, had another batch, ate some ice cream and now I'm updating all of you.  No pictures tonight but the rollers look pretty much like they did last time.  I keep considering the Split Ender and just started a post about it on KISS.  I think I may invest in one but I have all but given up on using heat on my hair between salon visits and really don't want to have to blow it out and flat iron it to use the Split Ender but I also don't want to lose a half inch ever three to four months because I wasn't taking care of my ends the way I needed to.  I need to do some more research on that.  They look frizzy but unless they are split high on my hair then they aren't split.  They just aren't protected the way they need to be.  I need to work on that as well. 

And another tick in my darn I'm girlier than I thought box, I kept stalking last Monday's episode of Hollywood Heights which I missed because they changed networks all randomly and while Tuesday and Wednesday are On Demand right now Monday is not.  Okay my cable is pissing me off--sorry for the random aside there.  Someone posted a way to watch it on TeenNick which was not loading either for the last freaking week.  Saw it all, not that I hadn't seen the last four days of it so I knew essentially what had happened but there were a few conversations I wanted to SEE. 

And since I got my University of Phoenix homework done yesterday for the faculty certification class I really am not scrambling to do anything tonight.  I'm just relaxing and praying that tomorrow will be good and the job will continue to pick up.  I'll also be praying that one of the opportunities in Texas comes through in case this job will not.  It will put me off my teaching schedule maybe but I nee to have a dependable income stream so that I can take care of my mother and myself and maybe put myself in the position to be someone's mother in the future.  I haven't ruled out adoption yet, I just would like it to have a dad around because I know what my dad meant to me.  I have two years to sort that out though.  I doubt the stars will align any sooner than that.  No more ice cream tonight lol but maybe a cookie and I'll start a new book.  See ya next go round and have a great week.

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