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August 9, 2012

Having the Funkiest of Moods

Not a clue why my mood is all over the place the last few days.  One minute I'm happy, next I'm not wallowing in despair but I'm definitely not on top of the mountain.  What cheered me up slightly tonight?  Some home made ice cream and Hollywood Heights.  It's very sweet rock and roll stardom kind of thing very appropriate Disney channel/Teen Nick kind of thing.  But it makes me happy so I'm enjoying it.  I did get in a cowash tonight WOOSAH.  But before I did that it occurred to me that I hadn't clarified my hair in a month of Sundays.  I did and I love the Rosemary Mint clarifying line from Carol's Daughter.  My hair always feels all tingly.  And I'm not sure if it was the twist out or that I actually got a co-wash in for the week but hair loss was minimal.  Detangling came out much smoother.  And I skipped one of the protein conditioners tonight and added an old moisturizing conditioner since I wasn't doing the full wash and my hair has been super dry.  So far it's feeling good.  It's twisted up again and I rolled all the ends on the gray perm rods after adding some Argan oil to them.  Hoping for some more uniform curls this go round and hopefully when I take my hair down it won't be as stressful.  I talked to my cutie pies tonight (my nieces).  That's always a bitter sweet chat.  They are so cute and bubbly but they barely know me since I'm so far away from them.  I miss them and my brother and was hoping some of the San Antonio mojo paid off.  I guess in a way it did because the company that hired me is based in San Antonio but wasn't quite what my brain was envisioning. I feel like I'm still tripping over my own feet even though I'm trying to get better and do better as much as I can.  I'm not sure what's missing right now but something is on the emotional side of things.  Professionally I'm rebooting.  Socially I'm trying to make plans again.  Sorority year will kick off again soon.  And my getting longer by the minute hair will be welcoming in new gray buddies soon enough.  Ahh to that end I noticed something else tonight too.  My wet hair is on my shoulders.  Not brushing it, not grazing it but totally on my shoulders.  Ha.  So maybe after the next relaxer it will be shoulder length or at least most of it will be.  The middle section still needs some help.  Oh and I totally forgot that tonight was the first night I haven't prepooed or seriously deep conditioned in months.  My hair may not like the overnight prepoo as much as I thought because everything was easier today.  Will have to try to take another crack it during a full wash.  I may need to deep condition then.

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