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August 24, 2012

my hair took forever to dry

My hair was washed and ready to air dry in my braids by 7:30, normally 12 hours later it's good and dry, sometimes sooner.  Today around noon it was still noticeably wet in places and still feels a little more moisturized than normal.  That could be the Shea Moisture curl setting lotion I used this time so my hair does feel good but if I need to add three or four more hours to air dry time then co-washing mid week may not be an option anymore.  Which becomes a problem with styles that tangle up my ends because they need a good separation.  I may just have to brush down and try a new style mid week.  I was just playing with my hair a bit and granted I'm 14 weeks post today so of course it's kinda of think, plus the braid out, but I have an actual thick ponytail happening now lol.  I still need the back to grow out and catch up but at least it's a covered slow growth section.  I'm craving food and sweets but have no desire to cook a thing.  Someone please come bring me food, preferably cupcakes.  Preferably in cute jars like the ones from Cupcake Provocateur.  K I'm gonna go finish reading your blogs and checking my mail.


  1. Am here in flexi rods 7 hours after wash. Will just go to bed with it.

  2. Aww I feel your pain, air drying is so much easier on the hair but when it's holding water for that long it's frustrating.