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August 2, 2012

Photos as promised

Okay I know these are late but someone tap danced on my last nerve yesterday and I hate blogging angry.  It's not the purpose or spirit of what is going on with me now.  The curls are not as crisp as they were when I took them down Tuesday night but holding up well thanks to the snood.  And apparently lent everyone to thinking I looked quite young when I went to see the staff and residents at the new homes I'll be taking over.  I really am doing this random growth thing.  I'm nervous about being good at this even though I'm good at this lol.  And each day I go in and it's a rewarding experience to share what I know and try to make connections with people.  It's a good feeling.  I think I'll like this experience even if it's a long term one.  I need to do a power point for class on Monday but I think it will be easy to pull together.  In light of what has been happening with the Olympic gymnastics team I'm thinking a brief ethnic identity model discussion could be fun.  At least more fun than stats.  Which is hard to grasp and even harder to make interesting.    There are like six other things in my head but this isn't the post for them.  The Husblog keeps generating good thinking points as does the reset--still need to talk to my lizard brain lol--and if you need a good laugh PLEASE go to the Life is Funny section and go to HaHas for HooHas and read the post that talks about flatulence almost ruining her relationship.  Oh God it was priceless.  Without further blabber on my end here are side and back photos of the last flexirod set I did.


  1. your hair looks great to me. i wish i had the patience to get some curls in my hair..


  2. I only got the patience because a few weeks of not using heat on my hair and I noticed a dramatic difference. The flexirods are easier to sleep on than regular rollers so as long as I have a few hours to let them dry I'm a happy kid in the morning.