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August 23, 2012

Body still hates me, but my hair is clean

My stomach is feeling a bit better but still not completely settled.  I may have to go back to the IBS meds for a few days to see if  I can get it under control again.  Dinner was good, Chinese delivery is good when it's edible.  You have to know the area to know why that's a big deal.  Mom ate a chunk of what I ordered but left the spring rolls alone.  And the boneless barbecue too but that may just be a matter of time.  I should just consider the lost Teriyaki chicken to hair braiding services.  Co-washing my hair works much better when I'm not on my behind sick.  My hair seems to pick up on that and gets more tangled.  I lost no hair in the shower and much less during the detangle but There was another knot high up in my hair and I had to sit down find a small tooth comb and take my time cause it was not coming loose easily.  But as I was reading earlier on another blog---patience is almost always key in this process.  Healthy hair is more important than long hair and if we sacrifice health for length it won't matter eventually.  We'll see what the outcome of this stretch was this weekend. 

I appreciate that the new growth is as wavy and looking healthy as it is but I have no idea how anyone does this as they transition.  If there was more new growth and less shedding I might consider doing a chop and just let the curly thing happen.  But my face is oddly shaped to me and super short hair and I don't like each other.  Anything less than ear length and I look like a boy to me.  At ear length, it feels like a mushroom cap depending on how I style it.  Regardless, I'm loving my hair journey.  Losing my current stylist is part of why I don't want to relocate but it also feels like it's time to go.  Short of opening my own office up there's not a lot for me to look forward to here unfortunately--well the teaching would rock and my car will be paid off next year so more income and less insurance payments would be nice as well.  I hate feeling like I do right now, I like control and I don't have it.  The Lord is working on me I know I just hope it comes together soon.  Applied for a new job, completely out of the clinical realm, would be a tiny miracle if I was even considered but you don't know if you don't try right.  Heard from my adopted brother so I feel better that he's okay and that he gets my letters when I bother to send them lol.  Just waiting to see if my brother and his family get their letters and what they think about them.  Okay, enough babbling.  I may take photos in the morning but I definitely will on Saturday.


  1. Thanks, I'm not queasy today so that's a good sign but throat was still on fire today.