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August 26, 2012

Could have been a bad day or Why I Heart Williams-Sonoma

Ok so yesterday was good, first year of hair journey went outstanding, had a good dinner with mom and tried to get her to chat about our relationship and we didn't end up fighting so that's a win right?  I forgot to take my meds but in a shocking twist I feel great today so gonna have to check my meds and things when the insurance kicks back in.  And before I went to bed I said hey old lady do you want to make ice cream and bowl tomorrow.  She says yes once she finally hears what I said lol and this afternoon I ask her to pick a recipe after figuring out the black walnut recipes all want long rest times for the mix (from four hours to overnight) so that wasn't going to work with the timeline of ice cream after dinner.  She picks out butter pecan, cool there area pound of pecans in the baking drawer.  Then I get the look that someone gives you when they did something that you are going to get upset about.  Nope no pecans in the drawer, well probably not enough for the recipe.  Someone has eaten all but 3/4 cup from the pound of pecans that were stashed away in my drawer specifically not to be eaten by her grubby paws because when I go to bake something I don't double check the ingredients I bought and HID for that purpose haven't been devoured.  Then I get the pout and pitiful well you don't have to make any for me spiel.  Ehhh, frustrated or not we're all having ice cream.  I added enough walnuts to make it a cup and made the batch which is now in the freezer chilling.  That whole exchange, that has been summarized mightily due to not wanting to be more irritated than I was lol, made me hyper and I decided to go ahead and make my red velvet cupcakes from the kit I got at Williams-Sonoma.

I did make them and they were nummy--I had a little spillover so I ate that while the cupcakes were cooling.  My mother, ever the five year old, asks if I made brownies as she's pointing at the cupcakes.  I say no but the cupcakes aren't cool so leave em alone.  She ignores me and eats one saying they are better when they are hot.  She then proceeds to eat yet another one with the remnants of ice cream from the machine.  Since I know she's a five year old I went ahead and made my lemon cupcakes as well because there MIGHT be some left tomorrow if I do.  If not, 50-50 shot I come home to four cupcakes from a batch of 12.  I think I like the lemon better but it's probably because I made the red velvet while I was pissed.  Either way, I have cupcakes that make me smile and toffee bar ice cream freezing in the fridge.  I'm a happy kid again who knows sharing with a 5 year old isn't worth getting totally frustrated about most of the time.  But I am glad that I had something else to do or I might have had to put her out in the rain.  Steaks are seasoned and will be on tap for dinner.  Gonna play with my hair tonight or tomorrow lol.  Oh and here's a photo of the jar/canister in case you want one but I will say the reviews are mixed on the website.  I adored the lemon one and as I mentioned mom scarfed down two of the red velvet.  See ya


  1. Wow...I've never had homemade ice cream in my life!

  2. It's fun, you can adjust the mix to your own preferences which works great if you like more of something than the recipe calls for. The Cuisinart is the easiest way to do it but it doesn't hold as much mix. Gonna use my old one until it falls apart or I break the stirrer because the mix is too thick.