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August 11, 2012

12 Weeks Post, Cupcake Bliss, and more rambling

So my insomnia is all out of control again.  I skipped the b-complex vitamin hoping it wasn't the cause of the extra energy bursts that were keeping me up till 3 or 4 in the morning.  So far it's not that late but I really wanted to be asleep by now.  So in big hair care news (oh boy a yawn) I have hit 12 weeks posts.  The second braid out came out less dry and more curly but the roots are still dry.  On the upside the new growth was much more tame and easier to play with.  After this weekend's wash I'll see how many weeks more that I can stretch without my hair going to hell in a hand basket.  I'm just happy that it's still growing and playing nice with me.  On a similar note I saw a post on longing for length about a year of growth that didn't necessarily net major length.  That is kind of where I am at this stage.  My hair was a little bit shorter than it is now last year.  But the ends were thin and my hair was just thin in general.  Right now my hair reminds me of the thickness right before I got my first perm--well maybe not right before cause that was a bush sometimes, tameable but dang it was a bush.  But it's much thicker and retains a style easier than it used to.  It doesn't seem as subject to weather issues (not going limp the minute there's humidity in the air) and in probably the best moment ever for a brown girl with relaxed hair: I'm not terrified to get my hair wet anymore.  I walked out in a rainstorm, albeit quickly, without panicking.  At worst I would need to wash my hair at some point that night but i wasn't in a hellish styling nightmare that would require intense prayer, a voodoo sacrifice and epic begging to get an immediate hair appointment to fix the issue.  I don't think I'll ever be one of the girls that abandons her stylist (1-I love her and 2-there's just some stuff I don't want to do and 3-nothing beats a wash at the salon--oh the scalp massage) but I'm getting much better at adapting and making note of what needs to be changed.  Since mom wants to get out and about we may go tomorrow for her to check out fruit while I slide by Wal-greens and try to get some buy one get one free Organix products.  I'm running low on Argan Oil and I could always use some more Macadamia Oil shampoo since I'm WELL stocked on the Moroccan Oil products.  Thanks to My Own Beautician.org for sharing about the sale.

So I posted a few weeks ago that I ordered some cupcakes and a new apron from Cupcake Provocateur.  Thanks to a mailing mistake it went back to her and had to be reshipped.  Instead of getting them last to celebrate my first day on the new job I got them today to bring in the weekend--much better timing if you ask me.  As anticipated mom only wanted one of the selected flavors so I have three cupcakes to partake in.  She really did like the red velvet cake cupcake though.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the mint chocolate chip ones and have to keep closing the lids so I don't eat the whole thing at once.  Totally love the jars too.  It gave a good seal so the cupcakes were really fresh and moist and they are super cute--I'll include pictures in a second.  If I order some more I'll be sure to swap them out as part of the recycling program she offers unless I get super crafty and kitchy which I'm not thinking is a huge threat right now.  Photos below...don't look too hard at the empty jar please--the cupcake was just really nummy lol.

So that yawn meant absolutely nothing apparently because I'm wide awake again.  I went halfsies on some Barbies with mom cause they were gorgeous and brown and she'd just ask for them again later when they were twice the price cause it was out of stock at barbiecollector.com.  And I sent out my sister in law's gift card for her birthday.  All in all not a bad day if busy and lots of driving to see as many clients as possible.  Gotta do the University of Phoenix homework soon (wooh another yawn) so that my group doesn't kick me out lol.  And apparently I either ordered W magazine or got it free.  Got two issues to read.  Time to tie down my hair and try to get my snore on.


  1. cute blog! I had no idea that you could purchase cupcakes and have them shipped. Soooo checkin this out! There goes the diet i was gonna start on Monday. (I'm always saying i'm gonna start on monday...never happens...hahaha) I'm definitely following you! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Yeah there are a few places that will ship them to you but I appreciated that this came in the jar and were nice and fresh instead of praying the heat didn't get to them. Plus I love the rest of her site so it's a win win for me. Going to check you out now.

  3. That cupcake idea is too adorable! Try some Tylenol PM for sleeping.
    I'm a Phoenix as well! 5 years. I studied for my undergraduate and graduate there and I am still waiting to land my dream job to put those degrees to use! I like your blog. I'm following now.


  4. Thanks, Phoenix is keeping me busy but in a good way I guess. It was definitely time to make a shift to something else so I'm happy for the opportunity.

  5. Saw your post in BLM, thx for having L4L on your blog roll! Girl to get your braidout right in just two tries is awesome! #NF!

  6. Thanks, I had some help but the length was right this time. First time wooo not really good at all.