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August 23, 2012

My Body and I Are Fighting

Yesterday was long.  I went to work after not sleeping well, wasn't feeling great but let it go.  I tried to take a nap but then my ever present mom knocks on the door and totally interrupts the wee bit of rest I was getting.  I had to go observe a class as part of the faculty certification process with University of Phoenix.  Oh good Lord in heaven that was kinda crazy.  It almost nearly killed my desire to finish this process which was one of the only things (like one of five) that was making me want to stay in this area.  And that killed my ability to wash my hair last night because it would not have been done before this morning when I wouldn't be able to start on it before 10:30.  My Waffle House meal was delightful though.  I woke up this morning and sounded like a troll.  It got slightly better after I took some non drowsy cough medicine but that actually made me pass the hell out again.  Someone woke me up from that as well.  My throat feels crazy.  Every time I clear my throat it sounds like I'm 90 years old.  So I just gave up on talking.  But now my stomach is feeling goofy too.  I think it's stress because after last night I wasn't sure how many classes I'd even want to teach now lol.  Ahh I slacked up in July I should have kept exploring potential options.  I'll keep praying that everything works out ok and that my body quits throwing a tantrum.

Off now to detangle and rewet my hair at the least.  I may not fully co-wash it because I have a hair appointment on Saturday.  But fourteen weeks post I think my new growth is gonna absorb the creamy crack no matter what I do before then.

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