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August 12, 2012

Wash Day Woo

Before I start blathering too much, thanks to all the new followers who stopped by and commented on the blog.  Hope I don't bore you too much.  And they are now featured on the blogrolls to the left too so check them out--actually check out everyone on my blogrolls--they rock.

So another wash day is in the books.  I actually did a brief pre-poo and used my heating cap again.  I haven't used my Hair Therapy wrap in a minute because I had been doing the overnight deep conditions.  Liked I mentioned a few posts back I don't think my hair is liking that so much anymore because there is way more hair loss when I do that compared to a quick pre-poo or skipping it all together like when I co-washed last week.  I love the Hair Therapy wrap and should use it more often like I did before.  It does a great job of providing a blast of heat without having to stay under a dryer or be tied to one location.  If I can get my lazy behind out of bed I can use it while I work out again.  The combination of heat from the wrap and my body heat did a great job getting the oil to sink in and then set up for a great wash.  When I pre-poo I always use Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil from Tropic Isle living which I order from Jamaica Hut because the price is better and shipping is AMAZING.  The customer service is great too. 

I opted not to do another twist out because the ends weren't as sharp as I wanted them to be.  Back to a flexirod set this go round and I actually took pictures of my multicolored hair.  It didn't feel like I was using that many rollers till I got to the top but it nice and rolled up and air drying as we speak.  I never make any even parts just kind of grab what looks good and comb it through a bit and add some oil to my ends.  They are looking a little bushy but I think it's the lack of heat and I really haven't gotten the hang of taking care of them the way I need to.  That will be one of the primary goals of year two of hair journey.  I'm one week into that as we speak lol.  I may add a tab documenting the last time I relaxed and countdown clock to next anniversary.  We'll see on that lol.  Enjoy the photos and the closing ceremony if you managed to hang on and not catch it live earlier you know when everyone else did.

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